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I'm still new in the studygroup and would like to know the description of the Ace of pentacles in this deck. I need to know as I can't see the image on the card. It helps me to know what's on the card so I can interpret it.
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Oh any and all help is much welcomed!


Description of the DruidCraft Ace of Pentacles

There is a big brown bear coming out of his cave. He seems to be looking at us. The entrance of his cave is low and he is almost at the bottom of the card.

On the right is a tree with some lush fern growing at its base. On the left side, a little in the distance are some more trees. The trees have no leaves and their branches reach right up to the top of the card.

In the middle of the card, way in the distance, there are more trees. Above them the sky is hot colors of yellow and red; it looks like an angry storm with lightening flashes inside the clouds.

Above that, starting right in the middle of the card the sky becomes cool colors of purple and blue and the feeling is peaceful. As you continue up, the sky is sweet with soft wispy clouds and at the very top, stars. You can see the stars through the branches of the trees. The Big Dipper constellation is prominent on the left side.

In the middle of the top of the card, between the trees, is a Huge Pentacle. It is sort of metallic brassy or almost a golden color. It seems to be floating down from the sky towards the earth.


my interpretation

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I'd say that this card is about being able to come out and to find a lot of changes about them. Being able to look out in nature after a good night's rest seems like it'd be something to look forward. It looks like to me, this card would be about being able to get past anything that'd be cloudy so that people can have a lot of peace of mind when working on a large goal they want to make more tanagable for themselves.
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Thanks Suz for the description!


Beautiful description, tarot4fun ...:thumbsup:

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Sometimes I think the bear is coming out of hibernation, and ready to go into the world again after staying so long in a dark cave. It must be like a rebirth every Spring for a bear.
I like it that there is a bear in the Ace of Pentacles, I find bears very earthy and solid (although they surprise intruders by being fast and fierce).
I think the trees are birch trees, symbols for new beginnings.


Why did I not see these rocks as a cave? I just thought he was walking around in a place with a lot of rocks...it all makes more sense now. :p

I think with the bear emerging from the cave he does have a lot of possibilities in front of him. I agree with the fact that he is aware of a lot of changes around him, changes which offer a potential for growth or expansion. He will have to decide whether to embrace the changes or go back into his cave. The opportunities are here, to explore the world freely or he could go back into his familiar home.