Exploring your Artist's path - SPREAD


EDITED to list the latest version of the spread and the positioning.

Hi! This is a spread that started as a chakra one (believe it or not), and now it focuses on walking the creative path.

What is your self-image of an Artist? What is your relationship with this identity?

Where are you now, while looking at your path with an Artist's eye?

What is the driving force; what feeds the internal springs of your creativity?

What external factors or forces inspire you? What gets you going?

What blocks your creativity?

When you?re blocked, what do you do instead of creating? How do you spend (or squander) your time?

What are your views on the relationship between Creativity and Money?

What you need to give up in order to pursue your Artist's path?

What you need to do next, to make sure you walk forth down the creative path you?ve chosen?

After dealing the nine cards of the Artist?s Path spread but before reading it, place The Artist card as a Significator at the end of the spread (S). This card is You. Accept your creative powers and responsibilities, and your Artist?s Path ahead will be clear.

Now turn the cards face up one by one and
begin to read the spread in the arrow form.

- - 1 - 2 - -
- 3 - - 4 -
5 - - 7 - - 6
- - - 8 - - -
- - - 9 - - -
- - - S - - -


Now, this spread is planned to be my "custom" spread for my deck (The Sakki-Sakki Artist's tarot).
Yes, it IS for Artists, all kinds of them (us...), but NOT ONLY, since my message is that EVERYONE IS AN ARTIST. (you create your life...)

I'm wondering how you find this spread, the sequence of it, and whether it can be relevant to non- "traditional" artists...

If you want to try it and lemmeno how it was, that would be great. I did it and it was amazingly revealing! It really brought me with the face INTO the mirror...

Also, if some of the "explanations" need modification, pls feel free...
I "just wanted to do a spread" and have drawn by now-got paint ALL OVER!!!!!!


Is the layout the same as in the Chakra spread, would that be #1 at the top and all the cards going down vertically?
This spread sounds great, exactly what I need and I can't wait to try it out. These are really good questions.


let's forget the chakra spread, becasue that will confuse things...
The link with it, was the colors of the chakras (colors of the artist...ect...)

i'm still working on a shape-i have something in mind, but meantime just put them in a line and take a good look at the questions...
if any of them mixes things up lemmeno...

ALSO, note that the "Money" card, is about your VIEW on it, and not HOW to make money that way. I believe it's most important first to look in our attitude about things...



your new spread interests me too - just reading it had a bell ringing inside me. I'll try it out and tell you what!

I presume I can take any cards I feel comfortable with at the moment? Because then I'd take the Osho Zen, which is indeed very colorful and deep at the same time (at least to my understanding).

Oh, and I already know that one could change it to fit any path one is on, I think you could mention this in your guidelines (of course if you're OK with it).


(PS: I really think this spread has a great potential!)


As an artist, this jumped out at me!
I feel an excitement inside about it and cannot wait to try it!

So far sounds great, the questions logically progressing... I will try it and let you know my thoughts!

Thank you!

PS- Are there any sneak previews of your deck anywhere? I would be very interested in an "Artist's Deck"! :)


Oh, thanks!

Simone- yes, totally open for changes/modifications here....
Pour on!!!

Invisible soul- you can see some cards at my site www.sakki-sakki.com
Not all the cards are up but you can definitely see where it's going... Hope to print them in a month or so...after the `mercury retro (and after i'll figure out my spread and all the endless other details and issues!

thanks for your interest!


Thanks for opening it up for modifications!

Because I would rather choose the path of a healer or teacher, I think I just could substitute the word "artist" by the word "healer" or "teacher", couldn't I?

I really think your spread has the potential of medicine. And an idea comes to my mind - a path is often a circle/spiral to another conscience-level, what would you think about laying the spread as a spiral / circle?, like this, just an idea:


starting with 1 in the middle and evolving...

what do you think?


edited to add: PS. by the way, I have had a look at the deck and the cards are great. I particularly like the devil })


Thanks Simone for the feedback...
Very interesting that you think it goes with "healer" or "teacher", but then again i'm not surprized, becasue it is all about life, and these are "positions" one has to CHOOSE (even if they happen by accident...)

I use the ARTIST term, becasue thru the creation of this deck i have found MY Artist...
BUt as I said earlier, the idea is taht EVERYONE is the creator, the artist of their life, making choices and giving it form, no matter what the starting point or the situation is. It emphasises the piece of "free will" and mastering it...
Professions such as healers and teachers, totally fall on the same path...

I know this one is a hard one to bring across, so that people don't thinkit's only for let's say, "painters".
BUT, I 'm thinking, that anyone who would be interested in the tarot anyway, is already not someone oncredibly ordinary (if I can say such words...), and they will feel comfortable with the definition...
I'm working on it...

regarding the shape-thanks for the suggestion! i was thinking if spiral too, but there are not enough cards, so circle? I also want to use a signifucator card for this...had an idea for an arrow shape, that points the path?
I'm cooking...I'm cooking...

Thanks for cooking with me! :)


I just did the spread tonight for a friend, and it was wonderful!

he suggested the following midification:
Instread of "THE SOURCE" to make it "THE DRIVING FORCE".
he felt that then it was more about Motivation, something that pushes you, which may be the next step after the Source?

So that would be:
What is the driving force of your creativity. Why you need to create. (internal)

How does that feel? Does it change anything? For good? Anyone thinks they are not the same?


I see what you mean, M-Press - we are all the creators of our own paths, the artists of life (makes me think of actors instead of painters though :D).

The arrow form is very dynamic, it might be very motivating!

I'll try the spread and post results, probably tomorrow or, if not, then on the week-end!

Anyway, have I thanked you for sharing? If not, then I do so now!