Faeries Oracle is #1 on my wish list


I've recently been reading the posts for this study group, now I think the Faeries want me to join in! LOL

I can't help but be intrigued, reading all your experiences with the Faeries. I guess I'm going to have to bring the Faeries to my house too.....


Vianne, I think if you already hear the Faeries starting to call out and "bug you" about *buying* them already, so you can all go out and *play* then buying the Faeries will only make your life a lot easier :D

By the time my Faeire deck finally arrived I thought I was gonna go NUTS listening to them pester me~! And now that they're here, I couldn't imagine not having them.

I hope they bring you as much joy and gentle wisdom as they have for me. I think They find your best and worst things, and help you laugh about them instead of cry. That is the joy of le fae, I think. Their wise humor. They encourage you to be silly, and also to be reflective and wise. They allow you room to be both, which is seldom found in our world as it is in Theirs.

Anyhow, before i wax on quasi-eloquently on le fae monde, i will just say I hope you post plenty here in this Forum if you *do* decide to join them and buy the deck.


Alissa, I enjoy reading about how much you and others on this forum enjoy and learn from the Faeries. I still haven't made the purchase, with the holidays coming up so quickly, the budget is a little tight!

I'm hoping for a gift card for Christmas, but by the first of the year I'm going to have to get them anyway!