faery guide - need some opinions


i didn't really connect with the oracle when i bought it, but for about a week now the faeries have been calling to me. still i didn't know what to do with them because i find the cards hard to read.

anyway, the other night i had a dream in which a saw a woman who sang a very beautiful song. she lived in a house in a deep gorge that turned out to be the most beautiful valley i've ever seen. i'm sure she was a faery.

as a result i got out the deck yesterday and played with it a little bit. i even had it by my side when i went to sleep. i had another dream. this time of two eerily beautiful hounds. i woke up but not properly and thought they were fairy hounds and then that they could perhaps be my faery guides.

i'm not sure though. perhaps the woman is my real guide into the realm of faery? i'd like some opinions please. also if it's the woman, she'll be hard to draw. but what i remember from that dream was that there was a lamp in the entrance to her house. it was made of orange coiled snakes. she touched the lamp as she went into the house and encouraged me to follow her.



what a beautiful, intense experience.
I read your posts because I love your dreams, they are so rich....

I think in this type of dreams you need to follow what your intuition is telling you...that was a message directed at you and you will develop in time your relationship with this lady faery....
She will most likely retur to your "dreams"....work with her, meditate and visualize about meeting her...see what messages or feelings you get...

Your dream reminds me of my own experience meeting my guides and what I call "angels"...years ago I had this beautiful encounter in my dream state with a young woman with long, light brown hair...she was wearing a midnight blue velvet gown with silver details like moons and stars on it...her gown was really amazing and so was she.
She told me her name was Gabrielle and she wanted me to have something and she gave me a rose made of sparkly crystal...she was holding it close to her heart and then she gave it to me singing a song with an incredibly melodic voice...

That dream marked the beginning for me of a return to working with my intuition, eventhough little I knew about guides and angels at the time...later on I found out that many beleive that Archangel Gabrielle is a feminine angel and works with the energy of the Moon...

This "angel", the one I saw, has come back several times and so did my guides.

My suggestion to you based on my experience is not to try to force anything: talk with her, meditate, visualize and you will make contact.
This is about your spiritual growth and development, and that includes for you to learn how to trust yourself and your intuition.

I hope this helped you, you can ask me any questions , I would be happy to share with you .


PS: Bright , we have guides from all "realms"...one of my guides that I thought to be an "angel" turned out to be a faery....so, just be open to them and in time you will know.


hello brighteye, i, too, enjoy reading your dream posts, they are so vivid and magical. i wonder if this dream corresponds to one you had before with your mother guide/B.M.? Maybe this is one of those 'doors' you could not open before. I agree, you should continue to try to make contact with this faery and see how she can help you to develop your skills. you are so fortunate to have these contacts. I'm not sure what the faery hounds could have been, however, since you describe them as 'hounds' and hounds are generally used to search for things, maybe they are symbolic to that point, they are there to help you to search for what is behind those closed doors?


thanks, magenta and celticnoodle. and thanks for sharing your story, magenta.

seems like both of you think the woman in my faery guide rather than the hounds. i think i leave the card blank and whenever i draw it i'll take it to refer to her.

celticnoodle, i was thinking whether she was related to or in fact was my spirit mother from the other dream good chance.