Faery Seekers ~ Sign-up ~ Nov 12 to 26th


Hi Faery lovers~

Well, there seemed to be moderate interest, and I am interested!, so let's try.

I set it for a sign-up period between now and Sunday and then two weeks to complete the readings. (tell your friends please!)

So, signup closed and partners assigned on Sunday, Nov 12th.

All readings and feedback to be completed by the 26th.

A suggested spread, though feel free to modify amongst you and your partner:

Christmas is coming with its various stresses:

Pos. 1: How can I help myself get ready for the physical demands of christmas (shopping, travel, braving the stores, etc)

Pos. 2: How can I help myself get ready for the emotional demands of Christmas?

Pos. 3 general advice from the Faeries for me.

As I said, if you don't like the suggested spread, just dream up something that fits your immediate concerns with your partner.

Okay? Hope folks really are interested.



Consider me signed up and ready to seek those hiding faeries.

This time of year really bugs me, so beautiful and warm, yet all this panic about shopping and finding the 'right' gift. Blah.


Hi inanna_tarot, well now there are two of us so if no one else joins we can read for each other. :D :D


memememe! I wanna play! smiles.



Im in too.. :D


~Jewel swims in~ sign me up. And I won't beg to be partnered with someone I know this time, I will be a brave little mermaid *LOL*


I´d like to join, please.


Me too! :)

oops, just realised that takes us over 6 people, I can sit this one out if needed.


There is literally no limit to the numbers.