Faery Seekers Sign-Ups for October 4th - 31st


Hi all,

Time for another round of the Faery Seekers. We are headed into the month of All Hallows and getting ready to play with all of our other worldly friends. In this case the Fae want to teach a few life lessons to those of us willing to listen.

So, please sign up if you want to play!!!

Sign-up is from now until I assign partners on the 4th.
Everything should be done including feedback by October 31st.

If 'life happens' to you, please keep your partner informed. Don't leave your partner wondering what happened.

Proposed Spread (by sprite) for October


1 what is the lesson

2 what is the importance of this lesson

3 why am i being given this lesson now

4 what is underlying about this lesson

5 how do i learn this lesson

6 how do i use this in everyday life

7 what is the outcome when i overcome this lesson



SatinAngel and tabi

a_shikhs and Baroli

Grip Dellabonte and geministar

moderndayruth and WhiteRaven

Aximili and Pook

UrbanFool and faunabay



I've not been playing over here in quite awhile! However, my faeries are playing at the fairs with me every weekend!

So...sign me up sweet, faerylvr!


I'm in for some fae fun. :D Beautiful spread for this season.

Grip Dellabonte

I'm in! :)


I am in :)


I'm ready for this round. :) Yea, I'm back!!!


Welcome one and all... I am so glad you are coming out to play for All Hallow's month. I always get so excited when people join for threads I am running... silly I know... but it is nice for me...


faunabay said:
I'm ready for this round. :) Yea, I'm back!!!

And I am for one am very excited that you are. You have been missed, and I hope things have settled down for you in a positive manner.