Favorite Extant TdM?


I'm not seeing this elsewhere, so I thought I'd ask people what is their favorite TdM? My one qualifier would be which deck that is in print?


Tadahiro Onuma's incomparable [size=+2]ISIS[/size]

Laura Borealis

I don't have one yet, but the facsimile Pierre Madenié. It's the delicacy of the faces and the subtle colors that really pull me in.


Facsimiles are not my thing, but the Pierre Madenié is tempting.

However, not being an antiquarian or Luddite, I like to imagine that J. S. Bach would have been involved in jazz, had he lived in modern times, and the designers of the classic TdM decks would have taken advantage of today's printing technology had it been available to them.


I love the CBD dearly (and love the book) but my primary TdM is the Noblet. However, the Madenie is next on my purchase list now that I have the Sivilixi editions of the Vieville and Tarot de Paris (both of which are incredible facsimiles) so my current opinion may change.


I adore the CBD for its multiple colours, its dynamic, and its simplicity of use for both beginners and experienced Mars readers. But I think Ben-Dov's fantastic book is what really makes it shine, which gives it an unfair advantage over others! By itself, for me the CBD would face very stiff competition from ISIS, which brings Marseille out in literally an entirely new dimension.

Yves Le Marseillais

Impossible to choose for me

Hello all,

I have a problem:
As I investigate Museums and private collections, for preparing new facsimiles and or restorations, my best TdM is always.... next one ha ha !

This is why I can't give a name and need to wait until I 'll estimate have finish my own task: Given possibility to collectioners to have a large scope about Tarot of Marseilles decks.

By June/July coming you will see my next one and understand what I means.

Anyway I agree that there is a big difference between a good facsimile and a good "interpretation" such as ISIS, CBD.
I classified this two decks as artistic decks and this is not a default of course: I have them.

Salutations from Marseille City

Yves LM


Another vote for the CBD tarot that's linked to above by Annabelle.. I have nothing bad to say about this deck; the images are crisp and clear, the slight changes to the faces of the characters make them appear very accessible and chatty and the cardstock is my favourite of any deck I own.
It's a lovely deck to use.


I love both the CBD and the ISIS.