Fey deck - first reading... any insights into the fey?


My deck arrived today :) How cute they are... how happy I feel when I look at them... :)

I did a new deck reading and would appreciate any insights from those experienced with the fey... which I'm not... yet;)

What do I need to know about you? 2 of swords
What will you teach me? Knight of Wands
What will our realtionship be like? Strength
How will you help/aid my spiritual development? 7 of cups

Thanks in advance :)


Angel Star

Seems the fey likes you already there will many decisions to make working with your new Fey deck and a strong relationship with them and many options. I love that you did this reading. I have owned the Fey for like a year now but i keep forgetting to just grab them from my shelf and start working with them. They are so unique. Good luck with you deck. I know mine need some readings lol.


I find the fey to be a good intuitive deck and I feel that the 2 of swords is expressing this. The Fey will show you how to be able to see things unseen.
The knight of wands is being free of the restraints already in place around you.
With those two, Strength will of course follow, for it is what you will develop.
The 7 of Cups is about respect and being responsible with what you have learned.


Thank you both... I shall go and have another look at my notes on first impressions and see what comes of it!

foxyangel :)


The Fey deck is my first tarot deck (my cards arrived yesterday, along with the book) and the first reading I did was the same new deck reading as FoxyAngel.

These cards came up, and I'm already mind bogglingly confused!

What do I need to know about you? ~ 4 of Swords
What will you teach me? ~ The Chariot
What will our realtionship be like? ~ The Devil
How will you help/aid my spiritual development? ~ 5 of Pentacles

My first impressions (please don't judge me, but feel free to correct me) of the cards is that the 4 of Swords is showing that I shouldn't fear what I can learn from the cards, and that they'll help me uncover things I don't know.

The Chariot suggested to me a journey, I see life as a journey of self discovery so the impression I got of this card in this position is that the cards may take me on a journey, providing me with focussed direction when I need it.

Seeing The Devil come up in the 'what will our relationship be like?' position took me by surprise. To me, as an absolute beginner, this doesn't seem like a positive card at all. Two keywords that I picked out were Instinctive and Impulsive?

And finally, I brought up the 5 of Pentacles, showing me about my spiritual development. The notes I scribbled down yesterday say, "The cards will teach me acceptance, sharing and they will enable me to see without prejudice."

Can anyone shed any light, offer some encouragement or even tell me that I've got it all wrong? :D

Thank You all in advance,
Juliette x


For Juliette

Since this is your first Tarot deck, your reading is perhaps as much about the discovery of what Tarot means, and will mean as you grow and develop within it as it is about the Fey deck itself. In that light, I offer these comments.

Four of Swords for "What do I need to know about you?" Tarot will require you to reexamine your personal "basic" self and belief system. You will be given a chance to compare, choose and fight to both learn new things and fit older-valuable things into your new and changing life perspective. This "four" alerts you a chosen personal struggle and adventure.

Chariot for "What will you teach me?" Unlike the Waite-Smith Chariot, the Fey Chariot is not so much about celebrating a triumphant return but the celebration and excitement and curiousity of the start of a journey. This card shows you "crossing a bridge, guided by another, protected by nature even though there is some uncertainty about the wheels of the carriage. You have started that journey.

Devil for "What will our relationship be like?" This is a warning not be caught up in the ego-trap of "I can read, predict and tell the future--aren't I great?" It may also point to the need not to get caught up within Tarot itself but to realize that Tarot, even the Fey Tarot, is a tool for personal growth and helping others find areas of growth and comfort. Tarot should be part of your life, not your "life" itself.

Five/Pentacles for "How will you help/aid my spiritual development?" This points to a need to accept and use what you have. Don't ask for that which is currently beyond you, go with the flow, gather and go, have patience. The Waite-Smith 5/P shows two people suffering and not-seeing the warmth that is available on the otherside of the stained glass window. The Fey card shows one safely within, the fears or monsters are outside. You will learn to stay centered within yourself, not be distracted by illusions or the prior Devil card's meanings. So, this completes the meaning of the first card, the Four of Swords. You are ready for your adventure, you have started your journey, you will keep the Tarot-Life-Ego in balance, and you will grow and develop successfully. It's a nice spread for your questions. Dave.


Thank You so so much Dave!

I really appreciate having someone elses opinion, I was COMPLETELY on the wrong tracks by the look of things, heh.

I guess knowledge will come with time and with patience.

J x


For Juliette

Juliette, I don't think you were wrong. I have observed that Tarot is one of those tools that can be used productively by those who are beginning their studies as well as by those who are "more experienced" (what ever that may mean). The other night during our Tarot Circle meeting, held at a book store coffee shop, we had a couple drop by our area and ask if we would do a reading for them. One of us did a reading while the others held back on their comments so as to not interupt the reading. Once completed, everyone else had to add their two cents. The funny thing was, that everyone had about the same general view of what was in the reading but some had more detail, others had broader insights.

It was apparent that everyone, while thinking they had the insights needed and the others were missing something, was on track. So, don't feel "wrong" about your reading!! When you look back on your impressions, the only thing that concerned you was the Devil card. We all get hung up at times, but we learn and go on. Now, for the only GOOD ADVICE that I can offer you . . .

Read the cards, KNOW that you will get the message, have complete faith and trust that the cards ALWAYS work. "Intent" and "trust" is what makes the Tarot work. It is always within you. Have fun with you deck and keep in touch with us all. Dave.

Angel Star

Thanks Dave for your post I couldn't agree with you more. We all have our own unique way of reading our cards so there is no right or wrong. Just different, I believe. The tarot has so many diverse meanings as it is. I sometime find multiple meanings in my cards and none is wrong. That is what is so beautiful about the tarot. The uniqueness of each card.