WIF_Moonspirit_ April 25 to May 1


WIF_Moonspirit_ April 29 to May 1

Images while meditating and shuffling

The Sun
The moon
my charoite ring
The Queen of swords fey image
Queen of pentacles fey image
water a body of water......This reminds me of a dream I had
A chalice in water
The 3 of swords fey image
The knight of wands and with that image a good feeling

While shuffling and pulling cards I sometimes have a definite amount of time I shuffle so if this is decided already and a card flies out I used the card that flew out along with the card I pick when I'm done shuffling. I find that the two cards usually have some collaboration thing going on.

Spirit -2 of pentacles and the fool
I've entering a new phase in life. Leaving a lot of the old patterns behind and beginning an new unknown journey. The 2 of pentacles suggest a need for balance. Balance between the physical and spiritual realms of life. I have been getting this a lot from others who have read for me as well as my own readings for myself.

Air- Ace of chalices
I have been thinking and hoping for a new beginning for relationships and feelings of closeness with people. A need for emotional contact with others of like mind.

Water-5 of pentacles
Feeling a bit deprived in the emotional area with love ones. Being at a difference place in life than the people you spend the most time with can feel lonely sometimes.

Earth-2 of swords and King of wands
At a crossroads feeling the need to make some decisions. Wanting to make the right choices. Looking within 2 accomplish this. Wanting to be more like the king of wands.-Self-assured in one's self and my capabilities confidence in my decision making and feeling at ease with my surroundings.

Fire- King of swords
The need to feel more in control of my surroundings. Wanting the scars of the past to transform me into a stronger wiser person. To be able to shield myself from the negative energies of the world. Not to be distracted by all the activity around me.
To be more focused.