Fey Set #2 -Elements & Enviroment


study reference thread

Cards in set #2

  • II the Seer
    XI Justice
    XX Judgement
    all Duces from the suits; Pentacles, Chalices, Swords & Wands.

Elements- what element dominates the card and does it follow the traditional element of the suit- how does it reflect the cards meaning.

Enviroment & culture- how does the surroundings & characters bring forth the meaning of the card. What might be thier traditions that express the energies of the card.


Seer, She seems to be very earthy. She is surrounded by stone and has a center piece of wood. Carved into the wood in an hourglass. Breaks that down and your still talking earth. The sand that flows throught the hourglass as well as the sand that makes the glass. But inorder to take sand and turn it to glass one must add fire. Fire can also be seen in the dragon's nature, they tend to be fire breathers. The earthly surroundings express the grounded nature of the Seer. Taking to such time consuming studies takes much concentration and dedication. What propels her to study is the passion for the knowledge and the wisdom that comes from it.

Justice is very airy to me. The blind eyes, the feather. The windowed background seems like shadows upon a wall. It's there, but not really...like air.
The Fey in Justice appears to be a special being among the Fey. Like a "golden child" {lol}....The golden rings that adorn the fey every where are not like the other feys. The Fey also only wears just these golden beauties, like they are crowns for an important member of the group.
Justice is about what is fair and right. Justice can see things that most cannot. They look at the big picture and weigh both sides, to know what is right and fair.
I thought of the phrase 'birds eye view' and then realized- hey! there's a feather! The feather may be like the scales of Justice; seemingly floating in the air. little Fey might be measuring a situation with the feather between her hands. The third eye and the feather divination are aspects of the unseen yet known. In the deck there are several 'white eyes' fey, and all seem to have that psychic connection.

Judgement also has an air-y-ness about it. I guess it's the ghosty fey blowing the horn. "calling all fey- calling all fey!" There is a touch of other elements like water with the paints, and earth in the papers and desk. It's not easy to define and element in this card other than what stands out.
Judgement is one of the the only Fey cards where we see an actual interaction between the Fey of another world and a Human. This poor human is distressed over some project and the fey have come to help. I have always seen that the Fey are not of our world. So to come here they must travel through some dimention. This could be seen as an air thing, no?
Being that it is rare for the Fey to interact with humans, there must be a big valid and worthy reason to cross over into our world- a judgement


The Fey "Judgement" card

In most/many tarots we see humans called before the devine. Here, we see the devine, so to speak, called to the human. Like so many of the Fey Tarot cards, this card turns the situation around in order to make a point.

This young lady, an artist, is either tired or creatively exhausted. Feys hover around her in the air, on her shoulder, emerging from the paint tube and ink bottle and paper -- and the spirit-fey blowing a very real and golden horn.

My take on this card, given the thoughts that Luna's comments have invoked, is that judgement is related to a process of "repair", of "assistance at a critical point", and of an "emerging miracle." None of this is contrary to the conventional Judgement cards BUT it is much different and obviouse, to me, in the Fey Judgement card.

Again, the depth of this deck and its creative concepts and illustrations leaves me constantly amazed. Dave.