Fey study of Set #1 -the numbers


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SET #1

I Magician
X Wheel
Ace of Cups
Ace of Pentacles
Ace of Swords
Ace of Wands

First we will look at the number One
I have this from the 'Complete Book of Numbers' by S.S. Pither:
1~ The Force- The will to be:
Types of experiences associated with this force-
Belief in self, self-confidence, going one's own way, strength of will, independence, self-assertion, taking initiative, taking action, leadership (with others or oneself), starting anew, creativity.
Alternativly: egotism, bossiness, unwillingness to cooperate, stuborness, aggression, being a loaner, fear of being, dependance.

What of the number one can you associate with each card in this set?


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dadsnook2000 and the "ones."

My response relative to the cards and the meaning of "one."

Ace/Swords: Force and will are signified thru the Fey's eyes and similarly glowing sword hovering in the air before her. Hands and posture show focus and control, strength of will.

Ace/Chalices: A softer will shown by the offering of water and expectation of its acceptance. The posture is upright, firm. The water offered is "universal" and one substance that can enhance almost everything else as well as supporting the life force of our world. (This card is a rather indirect expression of "oneness").

Ace/Wands: Here is an innocent acceptance that the explosion of life growing from the Fey's back is OK. "One" is expressed thru this singular experience of life force emerging. Like the Chalice, this Ace doesn't so much as use the word listing of Luna's but follows the concepts.

Ace/Pentacles: Painting a mandala is creative, the mandala provides a focal point for the mind's energy. Again, this card has a sense of energy and focus building up, potential emerging.

A summary statement: Other than Ace/Swords, the Aces seem to portray a softer but definite energy emerging, expectation, life, and intent. Each of the aces are taking action of some sort -- although a lot of cards can be seen to be taking action. To some degree, the "Ace-ness" of these cards seems partly to be from the card illustration and partly from the classical meaning of Ace or One-ness that all Tarot Decks and Numerology assigns to the number one and the Ace. Dave.

In my astrological studies the number ONE related to focus, unity, potential not yet released, action in the process of release. These descriptions at first seem a little contrary -- potential versus action? It seems that one has to refine ones understanding to recognize that an astrological conjunction (two planets at one place) is slightly different from the number one. Two planets at one place is action. One planet at one place is potential.

My thought, therefore, is that we have to be constantly aware of cross fertilization between systems -- and that we should strive for a more percise understanding of what we study. Of course, that is the aim of this exercise. Now, I'll have to go back to the cards and to the number one and double check my thougts.



1~ The Force- The will to be:
Types of experiences associated with this force-
Belief in self, self-confidence, going one's own way, strength of will, independence, self-assertion, taking initiative, taking action, leadership (with others or oneself), starting anew, creativity.
Alternativly: egotism, bossiness, unwillingness to cooperate, stuborness, aggression, being a loaner, fear of being, dependance.

What of the number one can you associate with each card in this set?

The Magician- He is a true believer- he thinks of something and then takes action to create it. Believing in the power within his own being. He has what he needs and does not need anyone else. He has the power to produce, to create.
One with such ability can become to dependent upon themselves. Thier heads may grow to a size where they feel that they are above all others. They might resist what others have to offer, thinking that they alone have all the answers.

The Wheel- The shape of the wheel is a circle- a circle is a symbol for "ONE" oneness of all things and a reminder that all things are connected. One cannot exist without the other. In the Fey card we see two Fey, a younger & an older.
The older fey is showing the younger fey those things that she knows. The older fey has spent her time being the one to lead her fellow fey through life.
Here she shows the younger fey how life is a never ending circle of creation.

The Sun- The Sun is a much needed part of creation. In astrology the Sun represents ego. Ego sometimes can get the best of one, causing one to be to full of themselves, demanding upon others, and not willing to listen to any advise. The Sun fills one with energy. With the rise of the Sun it is a new day- it is time to get up and get moving, take action.


Cups- The Fey here seems to be doing some sort of rites of passage- the first step towards a new cycle in life. The Fey uses the water to wash away the old and prepare for the new, a clean fresh start.

Pentacles- The creativity of 'one' is shown her by the mandala that the Fey paints upon her hand. This one- the circle like the wheel, encompasses all.
Perhaps the action of the fey painting the circle upon the hand is to bring all things together. To become self-dependant, as well as to be able to care for the company that the fey keeps.

Swords- Much like the Fey of Chalices, this Fey is also taking a first step in a rites of passage, the start of the next phase in life. The Fey recieves the sword that symbolizes the capabilities & purpose of the Fey. The Fey is now in charge of this power and must use it properly. The power is not to be mis-used or against others. The Fey's red eyes reminds us that one with power- who puts themselves in the position of a leader, is one to be watched. Power can posses one to destroy what has been created. One must have a strong will power to not allow such power to go to thier head.

Wands- New growth, a new beginning for a creation of nature. This is a young fey at the very beginnings of his life-path. He has much still to experience. The Fey is a loner- no other fey are like him. He is seperated from the others by his unique vegitative nature. The vine upon his back, I wonder if this is something that is normally part of the fey or if the fey is the vines host? that the vine depends upon the fey for life. If the vine is part of the fey- does the fey have control over how it grows?

September Pixie

above all in these cards I see a lot of self confidence and contentment..

The Magician - Confident and prepared to make his spells work.. he knows he has studied well and can use his tools & knowlege to attain his goals.

The Wheel - Again, confidence and contentment.. Fairy perhaps playing with her own grandmother.. though one slip and their play town could come crashing down around them.. or perhaps this shows a blending of age and youth, the walk through life.. circles within circles like that of a tree.. symbolizing age and the progress of time, perhaps.

The Sun - Contentment and relaxation.. the sun representing creation & growth, perhaps even creation of ideas and the clouds represending those ideas/dreams.. self reflection..

Ace Of Wands - A young nature spirit in the process of creating growth in empty land.. I dont think I have much more to add into this because this card to me speaks of beginings and growth.. the fairy is confident in his/her job, young still but knows what needs to be done.

Ace Of Cups - I see this card as an offering of emotion.. water being a highly emotional element and there is an abundance here, she again is content to be just where she is doing just what she is doing. In the process of doing something satisfying and emotional.

Ace Of Swords - Again we are in the process of creating something.. I still feel she is confident that she can work through this process.. the glowing red sword representing great power..

Ace Of Pentacles - Process of creating again here.. drawing a pentacle on her hand, while little critters look from behind.. perhaps the act of creation is something all of these cards have in common, the act of self creation more than anything else? :)


Magician, Wheel and Sun

As a continuation of my earlier posting I will look at the thee remaining cards in Luna's set #1: Magician, Wheel and Sun. I will focus on any associated observation relative to "one-ness" and will not offer card interpretations as such.

As in the Ace/Swords we see a Fey that is focused, energizing an image before him/her. This is a creative action. The manifestation before the Fey is glowing, lit up -- light (in my opinion) can symbolize light and promise of emergence. The symbols of the four suites are evident and the Magician kneels upon a flat, four-sided surface (grounded?) -- I don't see how this fits with focus, potential or even action. Another creature, like that being "materialized" is watching -- this suggests to me that the Fey has moved beyound "one-ness". I have a lot to think about for this card relative to the number one.

If this card is associated with "one" it might be associated with the one-time domino-like cascading action of the many pieces impacting each other once the first one falls. Actually, the card's picture suggests something other a domino-falling-sequence -- yet there is a connectedness of the spiral pattern from out-to-in. "All" leads to the center -- this is a "one" concept.
On careful inspection, the spiral is also a road through a town and "gates" permit one to move from one spiral level to another. Interesting! This ties back to the Magician who does not follow conventional paths.

This is a Fey who is one with nature, warmth, energy, being. This is clearly "one-ness." As a "one" card, this card has the same glow as does the Magician.

Again, as noted earlier, there might be a small difference between the astrological conjunction which is considered a "one" and a solitary planet which is a truly a "one." Perhaps two planets at one point is a "one." But, a conjunction is action, it is not potential. On the other hand, numerology tells us that "one" is potential, not action emerging or action already accomplished.

Relative to this exercise I can't see as strong a link between the Magician and Wheel relative to "one-ness" and potential, but I can see "one-ness" relative to the astrological conjunction/one concept. Any comments anyone? Dave.