Your thoughts about "The Wheel" ?


Well, I've posted this as a reply to the "favourite cards" thread.. but I'ld like to ask what you think about the card :)

The Wheel really reminds me of my grandma! She died when I was seven years old, so the only thing that I'm left with are those memories of playing and painting on the floor. *sigh* I love how this card symbolizes the circle of life.. from young to old, from old to young - playing and learning from each other.

Well, it's a bit like the Thoth Tarot.. but there have been three creatures in that picture. Here we see one older fairy and one young fairy. (Gotta admit I don't have the deck, so I only saw the small pics on the net - so, if there are any errors, just tell me).

I guess that the both symbolize the circle of young and old, life and death.. and various other dualities.. but for me, as said before, it also tells a tale about two people sharing with each other... wisdom (old age and vast experience) and childlike happiness...

Your oppinion?


yikes, seams I should have posted my thoughts about the wheel in the "#1" thread .. :) sorry!

and just as an unrelated side note: I didn't get my fey tarot deck. It just seams like they don't get that particular set on amazon :( .. they told me to wait, and that I do for sure ... hope I'll get my cards sooner or later :/