Fools journey through the tree of life.


I posted a thread in "talking tarot" about the fools journey through the major arcana, but have not had luck on the responses. I thought perhaps this thread would lend me more insight. I am interested to see if there are others out there who have lived through the major arcana though the so-called "fools journey". In a moment of insight through a spread, I saw my path stretch before and behind me through the consecutive numbering of the major arcanca. At the time, three years ago, the tarot actually showed me to be at card 12, the hanged man, coming to death, and working toward the end of to journey, the world. Since then I have worked me way to the moon, where I guess I currently am. It's been more challenging than I predicted. I have studied the tree of life, as the paths through the spherot correspond to the 22 major arcana. As the journey from heaven to earth, I hope that this thread will lend more success in finding people who have perhaps had the same experience. The moon card has really tested my faith in the lesson of the major arcana, which seems to me to be exactly what the tree of life represents; creating a so-called heaven on earth. The problem is with the moon card in my situation, I've really found myself lost, and have little hope in the last three, and hopeful cards of the majors. I really prefer not to go into more detail of my personal experience with this path. I believe that someone who has had this experience doesn not need more detail. I believe everyone who has lived this has given it its own name and goal, and to each person, the archetypes of the cards/paths, manifest in their own, personal way. I would really hope to find someone to talk to who has like I said, lived through these cards consecutively, not just metaphorically as a path from life to death, or metaphorically as "everyone is always living these archetypes." In this time of the moon, I'd like to find insight into how the moon turns to the sun, judgement, the world. In this dark night I don't see how this path can reveal itself. Anyone there who gets it?