Moderator change


Hi all,

Grigori is leaving moderating as the demands of his life are not leaving him enough time.

closapexa has generously agreed to step in. Grigori will be around for a while still. Please join me in welcoming him.

Senior Moderator

Le Fanu

Two days and no welcome post?

May I be the first - assuming we post here ? Can I say how sad I am to see Grigori go but understand that it may be time for him to move on and dedicate energies to other aspects of his life.

But welcome Closrapexa - a member whose posts always always give me food for thought. One of those members who always has something interesting to say. He'll make a great Moderator I am sure.

I just hope he will still have enough time to post and that his Moderating duties won't deprive us of his thought-provoking contributions as a member.


Thank you le Fanu. I'm really not offended, rather amused that this, in itself, shows I still have plenty of time to post. If I don't, that's completely my failing. :)