Golden by Kat Black: 3 Pentacles


I need your help on this particular card. In the RWS, the elders are attentively watching a man at work. They look impressed. But in Kat Black's Golden 3 P, the 3 women are sitting at the feet of the craftman, ignoring his efforts. They are busy at their own craftmaking (sewing, it looks like). The one elder standing on the right, is only nominally interested. Maybe he is bored or daydreaming or something (thinking about what he is going to have for dinner, maybe). Meanwhile, the craftsman is up there giving it all he's got and no one cares enough to watch.
Does this interp totally change the meaning of this card from "Demonstrating one's expertise"; "recognition of one's skill" -
to "wanting to stand out, trying hard to stand out, but No One Notices"
Help! I HATE this card. Any thoughts?


Wow, I didn't see it like that at all! I saw it as everyone working together for the greater glory. There's the guy working up there on his ladder. Then there's the priest or whatever. I don't know if he's overseeing the whole operation or what, but I think he looks like he's in charge. Then there are three women -- it looked to me like one was working on a tapestry, one was sewing, and I couldn't figure out for the life of me what the middle one was doing. But they all looked to me like they were involved in their work and pleased to be part of something larger than themselves.