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Livia said:
I have been posting new threads card by card every few days...
so far here are the threads...


-Major Arcana
0 Fool - already started at
I The Majician
II The High Priestess
III The Empress
IV The Emperor
V The Hierophant
VI The Lovers

-Misc. Discussion
Influences of the Source Art

Keep a look out for more..for search purposes I always put Golden Tarot - [card name] and you could always look for postings by me
Livia, it might help if you posted a new thread called "Table of Contents" or something with the above info. That way it will be the first post in the thread and people will easily find it whenever you update the list since editing the post will bump it back to the top, if I'm not mistaken. :)


good idea! I think we have enough steam rolling to do something like that.


Golden Tarot site is down

Hi all,

If you're wondering why the site's down, my ISP didn't send me a renewal for and my domain's gone into redemption. It costs $200 to unsuspend it and reckon that's extortion, so until I get the issue sorted out, my site won't work.


You can still find me through or any of my other sites.


With apologies for this not being "official" or in the right place (I sense the study didn't get as far as Strength?) but I pose this one here! Simply, I have been aching for another perspective on the presence of the (additional) Knight-on-a-Horse in Strength. ;)

She (Strength) appears to (dis)regard him "knowingly" - Or in some prior, instinctive (precognitive?) awareness of his presence? (The little bound book's) idea of "Someone needs your help", maybe? Any thoughts on the significance/interpretation? :)



You all are making me ache to open my deck, but I really am waiting until my birthday. No, not exploring hidden masochistic tendencies, but actually heavily committed elsewhere at the moment.

Retrokat, I'm so relieved your site is up again, so I can pre-explore and salivate there. :)



Re: Three of Coins

retrokat said:

Also, instead of a robed architect holding a plan, I put women doing handicrafts - making the furnishings for this beautiful church.

The way these three women are working together is as I found them in a fresco. The relationship between them, even though they're working silently together, looked to me like one of mutual support and co-operation. I imagined that they were each doing different stages of some vestment or whatever. Each woman doing the bit she was best at, then passing it on to the woman doing the next task/stage. Making something beautiful together, with love - sort of like the American quilting tradition maybe?


Let me first say how much I love your deck. I went into a store looking for something else entirely, and couldn't leave without it. I've been slowly getting to know it, and just found this thread. What a delight to hear your process and thoughts on each card.

About the three women -- this is a classic renditions of the three Fates - the one who spins the thread of life, the one who weaves the design of life, the one who cuts the thread of life.

I loved that they were sitting there underneath the artist who is working, next to the priest or architect, the ever-present divine feminine.

I know this is not what you had in mind, but perhaps this image chose you? I laughed when I saw them.

I am a poet, and sometimes people find things in my work that I had no conscious idea about, so I thought you might enjoy the feedback.

Thanks for your work. It is good.