Golden Tarot -- Ten of Cups


Here we have a scene of perfect family happiness. A beautiful woman with long reddish hair gazes adoringly at the happy naked baby on her lap. She (the mother) wears a dress of a soft looking dark color with a red cape.The baby fingers the red necklace it is wearing. The husband wears an ornately patterned jacket of mostly black, gold and red and a soft green cap over his blond hair. He looks smitten with his wife. Beside him stands a blond child, who smiles out of the card at us. The husband's arms encircle everyone.

Behind them is the green countryside and some buildings. Ten cups form a rainbow in the blue sky -- one end of it reaches to a prosperous looking house, which presumably belongs to the young family.

What can you say, really? It's domestic bliss to the max for everyone involved.