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Hi, just wondering I couldnt see a seperate section under pentacles for this card so since I dealt this one in one of my very first readings for myself, thought I would share my thoughts.

He sits on a coffin, one hand facing down towards the glyphs inscriptions carved on the coffin. The other hand leaning up against the wall of the chamber. He is in an arch/chamber within a chamber. (the two arches).

1st impressions

Because his hand is kinda lingering over the coffin pointing in the direction of the glyphs I feel like he is trying to tell us something.

His posture as he sits ontop of the coffin is sturdy and strong as he supports himself with the other hand. The coffin of someone he loved or was loyal to, he still stands by them no matter what (even in death so to speak) so a strong sense of loyalty is clearly seen.

And no I didnt look in the booklet for this one until after I did my thoughts first.

Because I did this reading for myself as a "newbie" to tarot I felt drawing this card as the 3rd card in a 4 card spread was relating to myself. I am fiercely loyal and my relationship with these cards. Well I already know these are THE ONES and I will be loyal to them as they will be to me. I felt the card was trying to tell me that I am on the right track, keep going etc.

Hope that makes sense to you guys because it sure as hell makes sense to me.

Thanks for listening

An afterthought, I feel there is much more to be said for the arches/chambers within a chamber? Anyone else feel this way?
I will have to ponder this one a bit more I think.


Livia said:
…The inscription on the pedestal below the Knave of Pentacles is written in the alphabet of the Magi and reads "GOLEM."

Again, I am flattered by the amount of time and research that the discussion group has dedicated to my deck. I offer my sincere best regards to each of you.

Darkest wishes,
Joseph Vargo"

Livia said:
"in Jewish legend, a man artificially created by cabalistic rites; robot; automaton. [Hebrew, orig. embryo; later monster]" - Webster’s New Universal Unabridged Dictionary

I believe the story goes that a Rabbi in Prague created a golem to help the people, the Jewish people and the poor people were being attacked by mobs (or something like that). He molded a man out of clay, walked around it 7 times and said "Shanti, Shanti, Dahat, Dahat!" as the Cabahah prescribed. The golem helped around town by night, cleaning and protecting until the rabbi decided to teach him/her/it to eat and then to read, and it decided it would like to be real and attacked the townspeople, who ran it off never to be seen again. There are many versions of this...

This is the earth child card. In traditional cards, “A message about money, luck, or a good unexpected turn in health.” Well by golly, let’s assume the figure is a Golem – our Golem – it protects us, shields us from misfortune, is our servant…. It would protect us from the unfortunate, the ill intended, the bad – and allow in the good (especially earth/material based (news).

Ever notice how so many people post about ‘trouble with the courts?’ Vargo has made reading courts sooooo easy…


Knave of Pentacles

Underneath a gothic archway that has a pentacle for the top design, is perched a gargoyle. Within an alcove, he is squatting on a stone block that has runes etched on the front side. There may well be runes on the other side but they cannot be seen. Although its wings are stretched out behind it, its head is slightly bowed and there is no sign of life here. Its right hand is touching the side of the arch and the left is grasping the edge of the stone block.

Its master has left him in reserve in an inanimate state, to be called upon when needed. It has been returned to the original stone form from which it was created. It almost looks as if it was not quite in position when it was inanimated, or maybe the master started to animate it and then somehow the process was interrupted or stopped, leaving the stone automaton in this state. I highly doubt that it is currently animated and is currently contemplating or meditating. Gargoyles are not of human mind or emotion and would not display such qualities. Sorry Disney does not work here……..


The way that gargoyle is makes me think he is waiting to take his flight. Waiting for what? Maybe for delivering a message.

Another possibility: he may be lost in his thoughts.

In any case, that gargoyle look to be a very serious one.


This card shows a winged creature crouching on top of a crypt. He is within an alcove and has one had balancing himself against the wall whilst the other rests just above the words Golem written in the alphabet of the Magi.

I was fortunate enough to visit Prague last year and came across the legend of the Golem. Around the 16th Century, the Jewish ghetto of Josevof was being attacked by the local townsfolk so the Rabbi Judah Loew the Maharal of Prague fashioned a figure from the clay of the river Vltava and brought it to life in order to protect his people. The Golem thus defended the Jews from attack and was eventually stopped when the Rabbi was promised safeguard. To destroy the Golem, he rubbed out the first letter of the word "emet" from the golem's forehead to make the Hebrew word "met", meaning death.

This creature, in the card, looks as though he will attack anything that comes near whether that is friend or foe he does not differentiate ~ he simply does what he is instructed. Therefore this card could have several different meanings depending upon the situation. It could mean blindness to the weaknesses of a friend or family member, a person close to you who you will defend unto the hilt without actually questioning the other side of the story. Unquestioning Loyalty. The Golem is brainless, in fact, golem is a Yiddish slang insult for slowness or stupidity. I'm not saying you are slow or brainless but that there could be a situation where more thought is needed to how you are acting. That there are possibly two sides to the situation and sometimes the path we so desperately want to follow is the wrong one for us yet we stubbornly pursue it without considering other options.

This card could also show some kind of compulsive disorder we have no control over such as smoking or overeating. Something we feel we have no control over when in reality the reasons for these compulsions must be brought out from the dark into the light and thoroughly examine for the reasons as to why we do them.


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The gargoyle sits now upon a pedastal of stone. His eye focus on an unknown matter ... The talons of the gargoyle are touching the side of the arch. Not friendly statues, but a simple arch. Thre is no consolation in flesh for him.