The Gothic Tarot by Vargo - Four Of Pentacles


Vargo's cards were based on earlier works, you can see some of them on his website. This card is called Belladonna.

A woman, wearing a black dress, is standing on a building, caressing a gargoyle with her right hand. On the side are four engraved pentacles.

The woman seems dominant, having control, caressing her dominion with her eyes as her hand is caressing the gargoyle. She wants to keep what is hers, and will do what is necessary for that. Her authority is not questionned.


A lovely card. She stands upon a gargoyle with a horizontal/earth structure, and caresses a gargoyle with a vertical/air structure.

So there is harmony, but implied conflict.


This card made me go back and compare to the Strength card.

I can almost see them on two different sides of the same building. Somehow actively being the other's opposite.

One very dark and stable, caressing her gargoyle who holds his head high and keeping her balance on firm stone. Earth.

The other light and trusting her weight to the wind, her gargoyle in a somewhat submissive and more respectful pose. The wind caresses her. Wind.


Four of Pentacles

On the ramparts of some fallen cathedral or the eaves of some huge castle, the vampiress stands on what looks to be a typical gargoyle. A wicked twisted visage meant to scare off evil spirits or convince viewers of the punishments awaiting sinners. It resembles the head of a ram, with a symbolic meaning equated to the priests leading their flock. This one does not seem to be attached to a water drainage system, but it could be. The vampiress fondly toys with the chin of what looks to be a full gargoyle, which resembles a griffin, symbol of protection and guardianship.

The griffin gargoyle is there protecting the four pentacles. The constant vigilance in protecting the wealth of those who reside under these eves is its duty. In this particular scene it appears that it could be an actual gargoyle or that she is at least capable of animating it and using it to defend her and her home.

The way she is handling the gargoyle and looking at you, it almost seems like she is displaying the power at her fingertips. It is almost like she is teasing you with possibility that she might just call it down upon you, if she so feels like it, a demonstration of her clout and power.


The woman/vampiress strokes the gargoyle/creatures chin.

Look at the grin on his face.

It speaks to me as if he would say "I'm Loving this!" "More, keep it up, I want more attention."

She looks down below her, she is clearly giving her attention to the gargoyle/creature, but something else below her draws her attention too.


silk_selen said:
This card made me go back and compare to the Strength card.

When I saw this image I had to think of the Queen of Swords. Both images have similarities: both feature a vampiress and a gargoyle, ready to do their bidding.
I think the Queen of Swords is much more 'agressive' than this vampiress. The Queen has a gargoyle and a sword in her hands. This vampiress only seems to have this gargoyle. Yet this gargoyle is ready to do her bidding.
I find this card even more frightening: in the Queen of Swords card the danger is much more present (the sword, the gargoyle). The Queen is more in a fighting mood.
In this card the danger is there, but not so present (she is caressing the gargoyle lovingly). She could choose to keep the gargoyle there; next to her, or she could send it out to protect her. There's love here, but it could get really ugly if she doesn't like you...

September Pixie

Well, I can see some similarities to this compared to the Waite symbolism.. Gargoyle sitting atop for pentacles (penny's if you will, ;) ) indicate a certain amount of greed.. also the look on his face and the way the woman looks -- desire and lust... and all of the stone in this image indicates not moving, stationary..

This is really an interesting card, I too compared it to Queen of Swords and Strength.. The alluring Vamp's eyes appear to be closed on this card rather than an opened white, making her all the more alluring.. she is seductively looking down.. perhaps a watchful eye upon her step..

This card to me speaks of desire, greed, lust, and seduction.


- zealous feelings or thoughts
- beauty
- bittersweetness
- longing

Beautiful is the dark lady who watches from the ledge, ended in a gargoyle's head, probably a watersprout. Her hand caresses the shin of another gargoyle at her side. Her cloak is weatherworn and tattered from staying out too long, but her ethereal beauty radiates, still undiminished. Her dress is unaffected, her pose proud, her hair drifts lightly in the wind, and her expression is still the refined face of an unweary person. Apart from her cloak, she is very much unaffected by the corrosive nature of Time. Know that her position will take a long, long time to shift even the very slightest. Hatred and passion alike will endure the ages.