gsf~Is it a small *WORLD* after all?


This is my 1st post since I just started tracking this forum, and I want to say HI to every1 and hopefully I am getting this right. :TWOR
The card that I drew from my deck is The World card. Both the sun and the moon shine in the sky over a wall that runs around the landscape to include all the homes, trees, animals, rivers and all other various forms of life. A large dragon sits atop the tallest castle on the highest hill watching over everything below as if to ensure the peace of his home land. Yet even as high as he is, a small fey floats in the air above even him. And below all of this, a large snail carries the weight of their small world on his back. But to what world does he belong?


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"what is the snails destination?"

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Why is there a wall around the 'landscape'?


I had always assumed the World card would be good to get. But in the Magic Bus adventure I'm having with Luna, when I drew the world, it immediately gave me a trapped bad feeling.

As I said there, it wasn't a place where my dream could take place. And it wasn't until Luna said that I didn't like the purple dragon, that I sat and pondered why I have a negative reaction to this card.

This is what I wrote then, and I still have that feeling:

While they're waiting, IM says to Luna, "The dragon is right. I don't like him. Want to know why?"

Luna doesn't understand why anyone doesn't love the little purple dragon. She looks at IM, perplexed.

"He dances and prances on that tower to entertain the people, but he's really making sure no one leaves the walled city. He tells people that it's such fun there, they'd never find a better place."

"He tells them it's too scary outside the walls for them to explore. That their world has to travel at the snail's pace. And they don't know any other choices, on other stars and worlds."

"They're pets for the purple dragon and he won't tell them the truth. That's why I don't like him."

IM doesn't expect Luna to change her mind about the dragon--his story is firmly planted in children's minds and they believe.

But IM is tired of the purple fog he uses to cloud minds, so she had to speak out.

What I love about traveling with Luna is that these completely unexpected things rise to the surface. Very fascinating!


Why is the landscape hedged in by the wall?


I/M - that is exactly how I felt about the wall. It doesn't feel right at all. I haven't decided yet whether it is the dragon at fault or if maybe there is an ogre in the castle who built the walls.

What a magical bus ride you having - enjoying every minute. Hope you will also come and join us here.


I'm really enjoying Luna's driving :) And the fey as the engine! I'm glad you're enjoying the ride. I am too.

After our trip, and a realworld trip this weekend, I'll be back to focus on this deck!


If I may... A few random (and rambling) thoughts. :D

Perhaps the world is enclosed and hierarchical to show that we really are only a speck of dust in the universe, yet we are simultaneously a microcosm of the macrocosm.

The snail? So slow, yet before you know it, it has crossed your garden. So is the passing of time, that is really only a fiction?

As to the dragon...
In Celtic mythology, for example, guardian of great treasure. Is the world a great treasure then? For those who have looked upon the blue and green jewel from outer space would probably say yes. Is the dragon a guardian then? Guardian of wisdom? Guardian of the world?


The wall

It seems like there R alot of opinions about the wall, and I just want 2 register my thoughts. I don't think that the wall is there 2 keep anyone in, or 2 keep any of the fey who live in this little world from seeing and knowing what is outside. There R windows, after all, and anyone who wants 2 see only has to look through the glass. Plus, the fey R gifted with wings, R they not? Any who wish could use them to fly away from any wall that tries 2 keep them in. The Dragon, 2 me, only serves as a reminder that there is always someone watching over us. I don't see him as intimidating, merely curious. Perhaps he is not really from this little world, but saw it from the air and decided the castle was a good perch from which he could view the inhabitants of this place. Now....back 2 the wall. Maybe it is there 2 keep the most curious fey from falling over the edge of the crumbling land if they get 2 close.