Hanged Fey ^_^


What is the "key concept" of this card?

I admit that the hanged man is one of the cards that usually puzzle me. When I have (lucky soul) to decide what to picture here... I'm never always happy. I feel that whatever I choose, whatever shape I give to it, I will always letting something important out.
This is why I'm starting with the Hanged Man asking about the "key concept". Because I'm not really sure of the answer ^_^
A key concept is almost a single sentence, or even just a word, uncomplicated, almost blunt. It is a "theme" on which the card is built and flows.

So my question came this way.
What is this card about? What does it talk about? What is her theme? What is her key concept?
I would like to hear anwers - tons of answers (expecially from the lurkers!) - just of one sentence or word, like "honor", "love" "rite of passage", "sacrifice", "trust", "dance" (actually some of this words really does not apply, don't you think?). And - even if many cames to mind - just choose one.
Then, we shall discuss which one (or ones) work better... and then we shall extend the connection between the "key concept" and the card itself.


my key concept would be: "meeting of two worlds".


facing reality


Thanks Riccardo for bringing live again in the Fey forum! And as I am one of the "lurkers" I will kick off :)

I believe that meeting the other world is what happens after "my" concept of the Fey hanged man. :)

Which is: exploring another world.

One can only explore another world imho if one leaves the known world behind. Stop bringing old concepts, stop trusting on old certainties (is this English?) and open al the senses to absorb the new reality. So this is when the exploring of the other world happens, and then, after coming home (which also might be, back to reality) the two worlds will meet and merge into a new vision which also will become the new reality.



Being 'out of your element'.


Sulis xx


Exploring. :)


stepping back from the flow of life



Thanks for reopening the forum! I like the image a lot. "Surrender to the flow" would be how it strikes me. The Fey is holding on, still connected, but yet is flowing with the waters around it. I like how the fish are gathering around. I will meditate on this image today to see what more the Fey will reveal. BB, Michael


Letting go of old ideas.
Seeing things afresh, in a way that you have never seen them before.

The Fey holds a stone dolphin but then looks up to see some real fish! .

Riccardo ~

I am interested in what you say about "key concept". Could this not change very much according to other cards in a reading?



No title

"Curious wonderment" is an initial impression for me. Surprise at finding items that can be understood to some degree, suprise at the total imersion in another world or environment, curiosity about invididual items found there, and then a lot of secondary or derived concepts come to mind -- how long can this Fey explore this place, can it be returned to, is the Fey in danger, what of value can be retrieved?

As with the whole deck, a very different and expanded view of the Hanged Man card. Dave


Being passive.
Going inward.
Discovering your inner world.
Keeping the vision.