Hanson Roberts study group - favorite card


I've recently aquired this deck and I must say that I love it more than I ever thought I would.

The colours are just lovely and the characters are all so alive. I also really like the small size of the deck - it's perfect for carrying around with me.

I've avoided this deck for years; thought it was too fluffy for me - how wrong was I?

Anyway, back to the topic of this thread - I have many favorite cards, the Court cards are all marvelous. I particularly like the Pages and the Queens.
Other favorite cards:
3 of Cups - this seems to have an almost pre-raphaelite feeling.
8 of Cups - a favorite of mine in most decks - the colours in this version are gorgeous.
The Moon (18)
The Queen of Cups
The Aces

I could go on.
I'd love to hear about everyone-elses favorite cards.


Sulis xx


This was the only deck I had for years and years and was the one that caught my eye and made me buy a tarot deck at the age of 17. I love it.

My favorite cards are temperance and strength off the top of my head. But also love the ones you mentioned. : )



Yes, yes, Temperance! The HR made this my favorite card.

And Yes, yes, the Eight of Cups. Others seem to be a bit too negative. This one is just perfect!


Oh yes Sulis, its one of those oh-so-cute decks which really packs a punch. There is so much character in the cards, particularly the courts, that makes the deck very readable. The faces are somewhat oversize and the eyes so emotive, that even though the deck is smaller than usual the imagery always comes across very clearly. It is definitely my favourite travelling deck.

I think my number one favourite has to be The Lovers, which is so full of "the joy that... feels like sadness". But there are so many cards that I really like, and none that I really dislike. Also of note in the Majors, Temperance is goosebump inducing, Judgement is inspiring, Strength is tender and embracing, and the Emperor is thought-provoking. But I must say that the High Priestess is a little too rigid and formal for me.

All the Courts are excellant, and I agree with you Sulis, the Pages and Queens are outstanding. I especially like the Ice-Queen of Swords, the Torrid-Queen of Wands warming her giant cat, and the Gypsy-Queen of Pentacles with her rabbit-in-arms.

There are many highlights in the Minors too, including the manic Seven of Wands, the delightful Three of Cups, the poignant damsel-in-distress Nine of Swords, and the so-tired-it-hurts Seven of Pentacles.

All in all a great deck!

PS. That would be the Eight of Swords for the damsel-in-distress, not the Nine. This week she is finally learning to escape on her own!


My favorite card is the Page of Rods where the kid is calling upon someone.



My favorite card is the 2 of cups. the color is so beautiful and the 2 people on this card look so much into each other.

majah kahlana

When I started reading 7 years ago or there abouts this was the first deck i got. I saw it in Barnes and Noble and just couldnt leave the store without it. Its still a wonderful deck and i use it often for my own readings or for my hubbys. The Page of Cups just reminds me too much of my DH probably because of the surprised look on the Page's face when the fish pokes its head out of the cup. I always say thats the exact look my DH got when he figured out he had fallen in love with me.. hehe.. plus i am a pisces so i think its appropo lol.
Oh sorry for just jumping in here.. hope you all dont mind.. the HR is a wonderful deck and i just had to share my little story about it too

Lula Jing

Hello everyone!

The card that drew me to the deck was the Empress... I think she's beautiful. I think she has a wonderful face and bone structure.

Also, Sun, Ace of Cups, Ace of Pents, Two of Cups...

I also like the Knight of Pentacles, like the way he faces you with the ploughed field in the background.

Quite like the Emperor too, a character I wasn't keen on in the RWS.

Shy x


I really like The Star and The Moon. I adore the whole deck, but the major arcana in general really speaks to me. It's just a very expressive deck. It's nice to see other people who share my same love and fascination for it.


I just love the imagery on the cards. They are so colorful, vibrant and very expressive. My favorite cards would be

9 of Pents - The woman seem so happy and content with her life

8 Of Swords - I must agree with Sophie-David, that the woman is learning to escape on her. I feel if I look at this card long enough I may even witness the feat.

Also the Queen & Page of Cups. I just love their expressions and the water in the background.