Happy Autumn Equinox all


Can't believe it's going to be Xmas again soon! Zzzz
but! Exciting....
sun enters libra tomorrow I think...all the going back to school excitement, buying new stationery, a fresh start, almost Arian and Spring like...well they are opposites but have similarities, life and astrology would be easier with just six signs lol, have a good one all, and don't forget to plant your bulbs for spring



and Happy Spring Equinox to everyone in the Southern Hemisphere. There's been a cold wind here today but I think we'll soon be back to the sunny, warm days we had a little while ago and in no time at all probably, back to +30C days and whinging about the heat. All over the world: enjoy the mild weather. The equinoxes are when the day length changes rapidly. I hope all the refugees find warm safe places soon too.


Right back atcha ! The sun isn't even up yet, and I'm drinking coffee and test driving a load of Frankincense I got to carry me through the holidays...


Went to an equinox service on Sunday, the message being about weeding your spiritual garden and planting the seeds for growth. It was something to contemplate as I try to weed my physical garden.😆


Yes, happy equinox everyone!

We're having beautiful autumn weather here in the DC area, including a nice softly raining day on Monday. (It's usually still hot and sticky this time of year, so it's a real treat.)

I'll celebrate by eating an apple or two. My friend went to visit an apple processing plant in Virginia yesterday. How timely!

(And it's a beautiful day to hunker down to avoid Pope visit crowds. :angel:)