Has anyone with Spanish cards done this...


Baraja Española

I've seen it, played with them, owned a few decks. They are very common where I come from, used mostly for games that a poker deck could do. I have heard of some people doing tarot readings with these cards, it is very likely indeed, but never tried it myself nor have had it done by someone else :)


Many ladies around the area where I live read those cards, they called them "baraja española" and I have gotten great readings, I do not know how to read them personally but here in MExico is quite common to use them
sorry I can not be of much help

Little Baron

Like the look of these. Are they like regular playing cards?


Little Baron

Just found these ones. I can imagine these fitting your tastes, Cerulean. They look lovely.



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I found some for five dollars, U.S. currency--thanks

for the scans...I'm also checking out wopc (world of playing cards) websites for information and also Andy's Playing cards...I may try to find the 48 cards from R.Somerville or Alidastore.com





Ooh :)

If you get them, let me know how your readings turn out C? That is if you don't mind sharing :)

La Castañuela - T.

PS, i hope you're not paying more than 5usd for those ;) They're rather inexpensive on my corner of the world :)


Actually it may be a week or so, as I'm doing a comparison

between Serena Power's posted meanings and a few decks that I have.
I may lift the instructions from various decks and just compare with a printout of Serena Powers meanings...

I have Dal Negro's Tarocco Indovino with Italian cartomancy keywords and want to compare as well...so far the Cups/Copas/Chalices have "similarities" -- although the Italian Taroccos have 78 cards as opposed to the 40 cards...

The Indovino:


I may end up just printing the Serena Powers text and borrowing my instructions from other decks and then using a deck with a "Spanish feel"--and taking out the cards that Spanish language decks do not use to see if I can do a reading.

The deck that I am thinking of using (since I have it)--although
it's not as pretty as the Spanish language deck:


Thanks all for the ideas and contributions to this thread!



I found the Neoclasica and Romantica on alidastore.com

They were about seven or eight dollars for the 50 card deck, but I found the historical pattern very pretty.


I am not certain, but the Romantica may be one of these historic patterns on Andy's Playing cards.

Thanks for your comments! And LB, that was a great link, it helped me see the cards a little better and check for historical patterns. It reminds me a little of the historical 40-pattern Trappola, Tarock and odd-numbered historical Italian Taroccos that I have information or interest in.

Some of the historic patterns, such as the Don Quiote, have extra or unusual cards, as Andy's Playing cards notes. I didn't get the mythological or Don Quiote on alidastore.com, but it was interesting to know I can still buy historical European card patterns...I input the name "Baraja" in the search engine on alidastore.com to find the cards.

Delightedly hunting for more links...here's one on the use of Spanish-suited cards (scroll down...)...lots of different places.



Little Baron

You're welcome, Cerulean. Looking forward to finding out more about them when you receive them.