Having Fun with Essential Oils!


I am been experimenting with some essential oils. The good ones aren't really cheap (well some are more expensive than others, good sandalwood is HIGH!) and so I'm careful to not mix too many to start. My latest favorite I use as a linen freshener or to spritz lightly on carpeting is lemon grass and tea tree oil. It's smells reallly fresh, the tea tree kind of cuts the lemon grass. I really like the mixture. Just distilled water and then I start adding drops (I always get the kind with the plastic dropper inside the bottle) til it smelled right to me. I know tea tree helps kill germs and my little dog sleeps on my bed so a light spritz when neither of us will be on the bed for awhile just seems to freshen it without being overwhelming. Anyone have favorites they use? I just made a eucalyptus spray for a friend. I made it really potent and left some room at the top of the bottle so she could dilute more or add water as she was using it and it would still hold the scent.


Hi, greatdane, I haven't come across you on here for ages! (Not since we were enthusing over the Anna K years ago!) I've loved evaporating essential oils for many years now. My all-time favourite is lavender + bergamot - just a couple of drops of each in water above the tea-light flame - sooo light, fresh, relaxing (lavender) & uplifting (the citrus). Orange essential oil is good, too.

For a richer, warmer, comforting scent for autumn & winter, I love benzoin, lifted with a little orange, lemon or even enhanced with rose.
Otto of rose is very expensive, as is neroli - but sheer BLISS when one needs to indulge & relax!

Hope all's well with you. :)

eta: I don't do massage, with oils in a carrier, like almond oil, since I don't like being massaged (gives me a headache.) Do you? If I did, I'd love earthy patchouli + cheery, healing lavender in the oil.


Hi starshower!

Still LOVE my Anna. K :). Now as for the oils, I really enjoyed reading about the ones you combine. I don't do oils in a carrier either when using on my skin. I DID mix a bunch up with some Venus Anointing Oil I had left to make a slightly different scent and soften it a bit, it had almond oil in it. I keep little brown bottles with the plastic dropper tops around as well as saving Mrs. Meyers Room Freshener spray bottles I had. I LOVE LAVENDER! I have mixed it up with different scents like sweet orange. Mostly I love oils diluted with distilled water for linen fresheners and room fresheners and I usually wear some that are not mixed at all, except with other oils! I LOVE patchouli, depending on who makes it. I found PlantLife's one mixes well with my skin (LOVE their patchouli soap!). Ever notice how one brand's essential oil is different on you than another? I figure if they're an essential oil without a carrier they should be at least similar. Yet some kinds don't mix with the chemistry of my skin as well as others. Obviously not all essential oils are equal.


Nice topic, GreatDane. I am not really into oils and herbs, though I do know about many of them. I think I might like Sandalwood....but as I am allergic to Tea Tree oil and also to incense, I tend to avoid all scented products. Nice to see people enjoying them, though :)


i love oils! :)

the place i used to get my oils closed, so i'm thinking i might have to start ordering online. I used to love mixing Bergamot, Lavender, and Clarey Sage in a spritz bottle. I also love Tea Tree alone. i think, however, my absolute favorite oil is Peppermint. I have food grade Peppermint oil so I put maybe 3 drops in a 1.5 Liter bottle of water and it gives a great flavor. I rub the straight oil along the sides of my nose and below my nostrils to help with sinus congestion, and on my temples and behind my ears to help with headaches.


HI Lotus Padma and Nights0ng!

I'm sorry you can't use some oils, Lotus Padma. I reached out to oils because many scents would put me into a migraine and even though I don't really get them now, at least not as badly, I found using essential oils was better tolerated by my body. I am curious as to the reaction you get from tea tree as I use it as a linen or room freshener, though not just by itself.
Nights0ng, the bergamot, lavender and clary sage sounds lovely. Peppermint has to be one of my all time favs. I am waiting for some oils now, clove and cinnamon, which I feel would make a nice Fall scent, along with peppermint, which makes me think of Santa's workshop lol.


I am curious as to the reaction you get from tea tree as I use it as a linen or room freshener, though not just by itself.

Tea tree oil provokes asthma attacks for me - as does incense...One whiff of it and I am wheezing like a bellows! :p I am really glad they work for you, however ;) you seem to really enjoy them! :D As do the others who replied.


So Sorry Lotus Padma!

I was wondering because I use as a linen freshener and was wondering if it caused a rash or something. I DO understand re incense! LOVE IT, but have to be careful, not that I have asthma, but it does bother me a bit, I notice can bother my dog, so I use sparingly and open a window a bit. I have learned not to burn at night close to bedtime. Pity because I love the smell and the smoke looks lovely wafting about.


Peppermint and basil.

Take my word for it - peppermint is VERY strong and can burn your skin, so I am talking ONE DROP of peppermint oil to 5 or 6 drops basil oil in a base oil for a massage. When it warms up on your skin the fragrance is wonderful!


the oils can all be strong and intense, but i've gotten used to putting the straight peppermint (young living oils) directly on skin. i've also used the melaleuca tea tree oil directly on skin.
for myself, i'm ok with oils directly on skin without irritation, but one wrong soap or deodorant/antipersperant will make me break out in an inflamed rash :(

greatdane - i need to find my little recipe book. once i do i can share a recipe or two if you (or anyone else) would like...