Heart of Faerie Reading Exchanges....Wanna?


Dear faery lovers,

I wondered if there is interest in using the Heart of Faery deck for some readings? I really want to start using the deck consistently for a while, but I admit I'm hesitant to be the circle leader all by my lonesome. I am a text book Gemini. I love to start things....oh pretty! sparkly! and then....my faery skirt is swirling around me as I move on to other things.

I can promise to commit to you all through to the New Year!

I'm looking for a co-leader to join me in organizing this adventure, and also to see if there are like minded others who want to work with the HoF. I have a few ideas about how to set this up, how to move forward, but as always, remain open to suggestions.

As we begin the endeavor let know a few things about how you like your reading groups to run.

-Are you open to a completely new style of regularly scheduled cirlce readings.
-What do like/dislike about some of the reading circles you've participated in in the past? (Please be kind here. These groups are run by volunteers. Folks like you doing the best they can. No name calling. Just let us know what you like or don't like.)
-What would you like to see that might bring a new and fresh spin to a reading circle?

If you want to be a co-leader of the HoF group please PM me.

I'm excited to see how this will come together, and if people are interested in this idea.

The one thing that I know right now is that I am not going to be using the HoF book in any way shape or form.

This is meant to be an intuitive and fun place to spread your wings and grow your own meanings for the deck. You can read the book and do what you will with it in the privacy of your own home. But here and now....please use only your faery guidance, your intuition and the magic of your own heart and mind.

Blessed be!


Well I have good news. I have found my co-organizer/mod for the HoF circle. Very excited about this person being part of the circle.....cannot wait now for all you lot to sign up!



Onyx pm'd me and expressed interest in joining.

Sign-ups for reading exchanges and exercises using HoF:

Autumn Star
Tarot Heart
Le Fanu
Ivy Rhiannon


Onyx and Manda
Le Fanu and Aurarcana
Satori and KMartin60
Nami and elendil
Ivy Rhiannon and Lokisen
Tarot Heart and Autumn Star

Feel free to create your threads. Any stragglers are still welcome....we'll fit you in!

autumn star

I'd participate in the reading exchange when I can. Thanks for the PM to let me know.

Le Fanu

I shall be co-moderating with Satori. :)

Think of me as The Prince of Light shedding new rays into the Fairy Seekers reading circle. Translate that as "never participated in a reading circle before but all I know is that it must be fun."

Let us make it what we want it to be. It needn't be only readings and dutifully giving useful feedback as part of our learning process but we can chat and squeal along the way, what we like, what we don't like, learning exercises and activities. It should be fun.

(Remember, I am in a different time zone; when it's day where many of you are, I'm in fairyland and vice versa.)

Come on; let's have more sign ups. I have to say at the outset; it's Heart of Faerie that I love. I could never really get into the original Faerie Oracle. I'm saying that in case others feel the same, or are in two minds. You don't have to be into the "first" one to get into the "second" one!


I don't "do" oracles... Except when I do. And I think I do in this case. I'll give 'er a whirl.

Le Fanu

I don't "do" oracles... Except when I do. And I think I do in this case. I'll give 'er a whirl.
Yay! Welcome! We welcome people who don't "do" Oracles, don't "do" Reading Circles" and - as I once thought of myself - those who don't "do" faeiries!

ETA; Actually, on reflection, I once was one who didn't "do" any of the above!


Nice to see the thread heating up!

Yay Le Fanu and Manda and Autumn Star!

Thanks for the note about time zones Le Fanu. Hopefully, the fact that you are in a different zone will encourage others...one of us will be available in each zone!

As Le Fanu says, if you didn't love FO (and I do love it, but I wanted to get into the other deck for a bit) here is your chance to still try out a Froud deck.

I always said that FO was a little bit country and HoF is a little bit rock and roll, so, if you like rock n roll, here we go!


Exercise: Getting to know your deck!

So as we assemble and get ready for our readings Le Fanu and I decided we'd like to post some warm-ups for all of us to try. These are just fun getting to know your deck exercises, nothing earth shattering.

Please post your exercise findings here!

I like to sift through the deck and create two piles. One pile is the cards I love. The other is of cards that confuse me or that I dislike.

Sort through the piles and find your favorite card and your least favorite card. Imagine these two Fae face to face.

What would they have to say to each other? Are they friends?

Are they enemies? Do they get along or do they fight?

What secrets do they know about each other?

Do they like you?

If they mention other fae from the pack, pull out that card and add it to the conversation...

If the fae that you dislike were to disappear and never again be seen or heard from again, how would that change the community/readings you might do with the deck?

Talk about how the exercise helped you, changed your mind about either fae, and if you would do this again with all the cards in the deck?

Share only what you feel comfortable sharing with the group.

Have fun!

Now off to find my own HoF fae. They seem to have hidden themselves from me...yes that is right, I can't find my #$%& deck. I'll be so ticked if I have to buy a new deck and then they suddenly appear.....sigh. Faeries.

Yes I just found my faeries. I pulled a card and said "who's idea was this little trick?"

I got: The Big Behind. Say no more, right? I see how this is gonna be....


Ok, I'm in! Heading to try out your "excercise" right now! grins