Help on my second attempt!


hello everyone! I am just beginning to undergo the ordeal of creating my second deck (for personal use). i was VERY happy with the way i could interact with my first deck. my readings were ten times better. the only problem was that the cards turned out WAY too thick. i used a thinner than average stock, then pasted a front on and a back and then had it laminated...because i couldnt think of a way to protect the front so it didnt start peeling. well that was a big disaster. my printer is pretty old and not the best quality, so home printing is really not an option for me. where do you guys GET card stock, and what is it known as out there. has there been a lot of success just doing color copies at places like kinkos and then spraying it with something to make it more permanant? i havent decided the route i am going with artwork this time, but id looooove to hear what successes you guys are having out there. thanks!