Helpful Book for R.W. Deck


doreen said:
Another great book for use with the RW is "THE TAROT REVEALED"by Paul Fenton Smith.

OH YES, this is the very first Tarot book I read. It's rarely mention here...may be coz it's publish in Australia. (can you get it in USA or Europe?!)

It's still a book I go back to often. The unique part is that it has a General meaning for each card as well as a "relationship meaning" ...which provide some unique insight for relationship reading.

Of course, if you are to use it with the Robin Wood deck.. The creator own book is the best one to get!!! I love the way she explain why she choose each colour/ patten etc~!!



I've obtained permisson from Robin Wood!!!

I've gotten the go-ahead from Robin Wood and have pm'ed Sulis to find out if I needed to post that permisson here before we can begin, but it was nice of Robin Wood to reply so quickly! She seems very nice and helpful and offered to clarify things if we get stuck on something. I'm excited to be a part of this study!!!

I will be out of town today as I've got to drive to my mother's to pick up my kids, but I'll be back later tonight. I'm going to bring my book with me to go over in the car. (Glad I'm not driving the three hours! LOL.)

Just wanted to share the excitement!



Lewen said:
Let me know if you do, I'd be happy to go through Robin's book with you. I like to know the story behind the cards. I like to combine a variety of study techniques for the cards so if you're interested, let me know.
Sure! I hope to get it this month so I will let you know and we can start tudying away! :)


Woo Hoo!

That's fantastic, Lewen, to have gotten the seal of approval from Robin Wood herself. I, too, have heard she's a kind and lovely lady (from the friend who introduced me to her deck). It'll be great to have her guidance should we get hung up on something. Thank you, Lewen, for writing to Robin.

So glad to have you on board, Pao! Anyone else wanting to study the Robin Wood deck with us?


Pao said:
Sure! I hope to get it this month so I will let you know and we can start tudying away! :)

Pao, that would be great! Just let us know when you get the book!
Until then, we can decide how we want to do this as this is a joint effort by all. I would love to hear about how you came to get your Robin Wood and your over-all first impressions.

I might start a new thread when we actually start the study of the book, or someone else can if they are inclined. What do you think?

Blessings to all,


Hi All!!!

I have had The Robin Wood Tarot for quite a while & its been sitting unused in my bookcase, then I was gifted another one! I gave one to a friend last week with a duplicate of the Louis book. But suddenly this morning I had the URGE to read with a different deck (probably fall out from falling off the ODW wagon!:D) & The Robin Wood just jumped out at me (literally, it fell at my feet!!!!) Anyway I did a reading for myself with it & it just seemed perfect for how I was feeling...So...I now feel the urge to study it in more detail. I have the Louis book & am hoping to order the Robin Wood one soon & also will check out the Tarot Revealed one too...So I shall pop in & read the threads so far! So exciting!!! :D
MM :love:


Hi All,

I am complete newbie in tarot .. just got my RW-Deck .. an awesome card.

I do hope that I could learn more in this group ..



Robin Wood Tarot Book

This is a superb book. I have learnt so much about the cards, what they mean and how they relate to one another. Robin explains much about the Wiccan references which I didn't hitherto understand and the way in which she traces, diligently, every single aspect and symbol of every single card, makes you want to jump into the world of those beautiful cards.

More than this, though you will look at other decks through new eyes and apply the generosity of Robin's teaching - she is never dogmatic, though she is forthright in her opinions - to all that you see from now on.

But the greatest thing of all, is that her book and cards are a great starting point for building your own collection of symbols and connections. At no time does she tell you that her version of events is 'it'. This is a book to be revisited several times.


I agree completely about Robin's own book, and about how gracious she is. I've been seeing her around the science fiction conventions for some years (the first time was when she was promoting her book "The People of Pern"), and I've been to several of her workshops wherein she explained a great deal of her deck, long before she got around to doing the book. There was a lot she didn't get to say but was tickled whenever someone saw something in the deck that she hadn't told us yet! And I'm happy to report that just about everything she said in the workshops (and that we discussed with her), she managed to get into the book.

My copy of the book is autographed. :) :) :) She's great about that.

BTW, since the deck went into reprints in the "clamshell" box, it was done by a different printing company than the original in the ordinary box, and if you compare the two, the original printed much more cleanly. I'm seriously considering buying a new "clamshell" deck and retiring my (clearly printed) original version from travel. Just in case. ;) (Even though the box has long since disintegrated.)

And if you're into Paganism and like her writing style, you might enjoy her ethics book, "When, Why ...If."

And she has made the large pentacle from the Ace into sew-on patches. Only problem is, it comes in several color combinations. Decisions, decisions!!


This book sounds amazing. I'm quite looking forward to receiving it from Amazon, hopefully sometime within this week. But with the rate of shipping