How much would you pay for a Tarot teacher or course?


actually what constitutes a tarot course? There's a study guide on Holistic Tarot's website, does that count as a course cause you can basically just follow the sequence and do the exercises?

I'd say it does, and so do some of the books out there, like Rachel Pollack's or Mary Greer's or Maureen Connolly's. All you have to supply is the time, work, and patience.

I think, though, that most people who prefer courses do so because the time limits and so on will keep them working at it instead of slacking off intending to get back to it some year or other. :)

Michael Sternbach

I was wondering how much would you pay for a Tarot teacher? You see sometimes prices equal to two Tarot books, for just 1 lesson. Some courses exist of 10 lessons. And I have even found a course from 2 years, for about 2.500 Euro / 2.800 USD. I was just wondering is het better to have several Tarot books, or just 1 teacher? In my opinion you learn more from several sources (Tarot books) than just 1 teacher. What do you think? And how much would you pay for a teacher?

Yes, you can learn a lot from books, internet resources, and simply by reading for yourself and others. However, there is nothing wrong with teaching and taking Tarot courses. For some, it may be very worthwhile.

True, € 2.500 for a course seems over the top, but we should take into account that it's a 2 years one, and consider what is actually being offered. It is also going to make a difference if we tend to be broke (like most Tarot readers that I know about :D) or have money like uncle Scrooge.