How to develop your psychic abilitys


I'm trying to learn how is the best way to start to develop my psychic abilitys, can you guys help me on what are the best orientation available,or what are the best books to learn with.:confused:


Here is what worked for me. Study tarot. Start doing readings.
While doing readings, be open to “weird thoughts”, and feelings.
I always had an inclination towards this. My sister and I used to practice “sending thoughts” back and forth. We creeped ourselves out more than a few times…still do.
But Tarot provides you with a set of archetypes to work with. It is a foundation to build upon.
Stay ‘open’, and keep studying. Let the rest happen. Try to force it, and nothing will come of it.
Buy one basic deck (an RW), and have fun.


getting your reiki is also a great help! reiki opens up your intuition and assists you in your spiritual growth.

when reading tarot,.....lay the cards face down and then turn them all over at once, allowing that gush of intuitive juices to flow all at once.

hope this helps :)

in light,
jade :)


not to sound stupid...

just basically new to alot of things. What is reiki(?) How do you get it or develope it??


i suggest that you do a search in chat for reiki, there are some great threads on it. (if they weren't lost in the move............)

reiki is a form of healing. channelling universal life energy. it assists you in meditating, focusing, deepens your intuition and assists you to develop spiritually. (if those are your desires)

in light,
jade :)


A couple of books to suggest...

...I have two books by an author named Sonya Choquette. One is titled "The Psychic Pathway" and the other is titled "True Balance".

The first deals with ways to connect with your inner self and thereby open your pyschic self. The second book deals with much the same, but specifically with balancing your chakras, both as a way to heal and to open yourself up.

I really enjoy these books. I've had the first for years and refer/rework through it many times. I've just recently bought True Balance, so I haven't worked through it completely yet. I like the author's writing style and how she is able to relate her personal stories as examples.

You might want to check them out.


you could try asking your spirit guides for help in "hearing" them, and for clarity.
allow yourself some quiet/meditation time daily. learn to focus your mind, so to clear it from distractions. this doesn't mean that you cannot hear anything else, you will be aware of everything, but the distractions will be background noises and not take center stage.
above all, realize that developing these skills, is a lifelong journey, so go easy on yourself and have fun!