How to study?


Having taken such a long break from tarot and being called back........somewhat by the Fey I feel.......I'm wondering how you all study/have studied them?
I have the book.......but as i look and go with my feelings as i meditate on the card I am finding sometimes my feeling conflicts with the books interpretation. As if i am seeing the opposite side.......i'm finding this alot as i look through the deck.
Would this mean i'm not in tune and need to study more? or should i forget the book and just go with the feelings i get as i look and meditate.
Also wondering if anyone here is going through the deck .....majors then by one? or by group?
Is there a specific card/suit each week we are studying here in this forum?


I feel the fey develope a relationship with the deck holder that speaks to the individual reader. I study the Fey by doing readings and by playing with the individual cards. Looking at them, listening to what they might be saying or thinking. I combine the impressions I get with the other knowledge of tarot that I have. Reciently I have been comparing the Fey to the RWS as far as the simularities of the cards images and meanings.
I have been reading tarot for over ten years and I still feel the need to study- especially the newer decks I get.
Within our little Fey study group, we play it by ear. If there is a card you would like to discuss, just start a thread.
I have been trying to come up with a fun excercise we can do with the Fey....


Thanks for that .......I must say i have enjoyed the 6 card spread that the book suggests......for so few cards they speak volumes!
I will continue to play and see what i come up with.
Look forward to the excercise you come up with! :)


Go with Your meanings... and forget the book.

Then... once you have found your "interpretation key" get back to the book, and think of what it does suggest for what was on Mara's mind (no... I would never dare to know what's on mara's mind, actually :) ) when she did paint the card.

After all, your Fey Tarot is different from mine... and it deserve your meanings.



I've been placing the minors out in groups of 4 (the 2's the Queens, etc.) and looking at what info I got from them.

For example when I set out the 4 aces I tried reading them as the way the essence of the suit materializes in our lives. The wands, passion, inspiration, etc spring naturally from an internal source if they are allowed to grow and aren't stifled. The pentacles, industry, material, are created by us and planned and organized to our needs. The swords, intellect, knowledge, conflict, must be sought out and discovered on our own. The cups, emotions, connection, are discovered when we immerse ourselves in them completely and are given over to it.


Ricardo,Shade..........thanks for your replies.


Just a suggestion....

This happened quite by accident on the day I first obtained the Fey deck.

I usually read my daughter a story at bedtime, but she was just as excited about my new deck as I was. We were looking through it one by one and we got to the Wands. It was here that she started making up a story with the pictures. It was fun and lovely. She still does it for all of the suits and each time the story is different. She actually has names for many of the Fey in her deck. (I ended up buying another as she kind of took over mine LOL)

This has been a great way to develop your own meanings for the cards. Definitely go with your meanings. The book is wonderful, but the Fey have their own story just for you.




Hello Mimi,

how about sharing some of your daughter's stories with us? At least I would enjoy this. Children usually have a very native and direct access to the card's meanings.




hmmm, I never wrote them down, but I could scribble down the next time she pulls out her Fey and starts laying them out on her bed. She would be tickled pink to share with you her stories.

Next time I will write it down. It wouldn't be a bad idea for the study group either. There's a thought.



your daughter names the fey!- I would love to share the names...some of my fey {& friends} have names as well-
ok- Is it time for another thread?
who else names thier Fey?