How tolerant are the fae?


It has been two weeks since my initial purchase and post regarding the Fae. I have completely ignored them so far in favor of other new decks I have purchased. I blame them for breaking my refigerator and causing one of my favorite tarot reference books to go missing.

My question is, how long can I ignore them before they get totally PO's at me? What will it take for me to suddenly get attracted to this deck? I find that sometimes I buy a deck on a whim (such as this one) and it sits at the bottom of my tarot bag for awhile before I get a Eureka moment with them.

BTW, I don't expect a real answer - just wondering out loud (perhaps to send a message to the fae that I am really thinking of them a little, hehe).



Hi Dan,

I have similar problems. My daughter gave me my deck a couple of months ago and I am trying really hard to connect. I have pulled a card for the day. I have done a couple of spreads. I spent quite a bit of time with Himself and felt I got to know him really well. I even tried singing with them ... nothing.

Then today everything started to go wrong and I began to wonder if they were trying to give me a message:

The other night I was sat in my bedroom with my cards (cant remember which ones but it wasn't FO) and I had lit a candle which someone gave me. I had incense burning too. Today I noticed I had a black bedroom! I tried to wash the ceiling and the wall and the black soot smudged and it got even worse. :( The more I tried to wash it off the bigger the smudged area got! I ended up painting both AND they'll need another coat of paint tomorrow. This candle is quite large and I have lit it many times. Are the Fae up to tricks?? Are they displeased because I dont play with them enough?

Now I am in a quandry. Shall I persevere with them or give up on them?

J :)


Jewel-ry said:
Now I am in a quandry. Shall I persevere with them or give up on them?

Well, not to be a party pooper, but if they did that to you just for not connecting, I would hate to see what they do if you gave up on them ;)

I know one day I will pull the deck out and BAM, they will connect - it happened with a Tarot deck last week that I really detested for a long time, but suddenly it is my most readible. You never know.



Hi Jewel-ry,

that's really creepy. Maybe you need to call in an exorcist.

Island Dreamer

I haven't really done enough work with my FO to be able to comment properly on this - apart from my own experience which has been good. I did the 'getting to know the cards' exercises in the book which I found very interesting but I have to confess that I haven't worked extensively with the Faeries.

In fact, I have to confess that they've been in my cupboard fastened together by an elastic band for many weeks.
:| But I found a nice plain forest green velvet bag with a silver satin lining online and asked them, using my pendulum, if they would like that. The pendulum gave me a definite 'yes' answer so I've ordered it.

I also offered them some moonstone and deep purple amethyst crystals which the pendulum again indicated 'yes'. I also let them have my silver topaz tumblestone which I've always felt was a 'faery' crystal.

But, until the bag arrives, they are living in a plain white cardboard box with their book and crystals - they seem to be happy enough :)

I hope they don't get too irate with you .... the possibilities for faery mischief seem pretty endless ;)

Island Dreamer


I can only tell you what I do to keep my Faeries happy.
I pull one card a day if I don't have time to do a spread.
I bought an acrylic picture frame, the cards slid very easily into and out of it.
I display the Faerie for a day or two on my desk where I can glance at them all day.
This is how I really connect and talk with them.
I'll be staring off into space and notice I'm looking at my Faerie for the day.
And the little conversation begins.
Today I pulled Geeeeeooo the Slooow.
It's rainy and cold here, I'm still in my pajamas, hubby is making Jerky, the house smells wonderful.
No Spirit Fair today.
I have nothing to do and no place to go.
Just basking in the fact that I can go slow and enjoy my day.
No hurry, no clocks, no deadlines.
Geeeeeoooo and I have been talking about this all morning.
Such a delicious feeling of peace.
I love that little guy!

Just one Faerie, out for the day can enrich your day so much.
You can't connect with them if you don't have a courtship first.
Give them a chance to meet you, one a day.
You don't have to try real hard, no big meditations.
They just like to be around like your favorite cat.
Once they've said something to you in an occurance or thought, then its time to put them back and let a new Faerie speak.
Sometimes it takes a few days.
There are no rules with Faeries.

If you don't take them out for a very long time they tend to get mossy.


"If you don't take them out for a very long time they tend to get mossy."




This has me really worried! I used these only a few times, and they just did not click with me at the moment. I started doing traditional tarot and focussing on that. I am now planning to go back to the faeries, and have reread my journal of faery readings and am stunned at the accuracy. Are they going to be "mad" that I have ignored them so long? Could they have been causing trouble for me lately? Anyway, I think the daily draw is a wonderful idea.


I think of it more like an ongoing conversation...

If you're talking to someone, and they start to ignore you, you may...

Talk louder, trying to get their attention. (Cards, not just Fae, but Fae) do this, because Spirit does this. If we ignore it shortly, it talks LOUDER.


If you're talking and you're ignored for a long time, you usually just quit talking, right?

So does Spirit.

So, open the dialogue again.

I absolutely do not believe the Faeries, in any form, are so malevolent as to cause major disruption and harm, unless it is the kind of harm the person has already brought upon themselves (i.e. karmic justice).

And I am never scared of them. They would howl their heads off if thought we are scared... they are only mirrors. If we are scared, the fear comes from within, not from them.

Just my beliefs....



interesting alissa, thank you!