September Pixie

What Will Our Relationship be Like:
Queen Of Wands
I must admit, I peeked at the book difinitions before I started to answer these questions because the impression I got from this card wasn't the same as the others I have used.. this card speaks to be of growth and new beginnings (her pregnant belly).. possibly meaning that I will come to use this deck and learn much from it (duh... lol)

What I Will Learn From You:
7 Of Chalices
I can see that I will be mystified by this deck (duh again..) and that there is so much I can learn from this deck, especially in emotional times... and that this deck will be a constant companion.. one I will seek for strength, guidance, and humor as well. Something about this reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.. hmm what could I possibly learn from the Mad Hatter? Possibly not to take things so seriously all the time...

What Can I Do To Make Our Relationship Bloom:
I see the person here as 'plagued' by the faeries.. possibly needing a reminder to make some time for them!! Something I don't often do (I'm guilty) with other decks.. and if I make enough time for them that they in turn will make some time for me.. every action has a reaction and I would prefer to keep ours on a positive level ;)

Final Thoughts & Impressions:
This deck is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen! The colors used in this deck are amazing and bright! I was able to grasp nearly all the card meanings at once and reading intuitively should NOT be a problem with this deck, and most importantly I am VERY MUCH looking forward to being a part of this group and studying this little pack of cards in much depth.


Oh you are so lucky!! :) I wish I already had my deck ... Well, I hope you spend many wonderful hours reading, studying and playing with your fey deck!



very jealous! Fey is next on my list!

September Pixie

One thing I can say for sure, its MUCH prettier in person than online, and the book is equally as interesting!


What a wonderful first reading.
The Mother Fey of Wands is such a lovely female. Full of warmth and nurturing.


Finally! I got my deck today... ;) .. now it's time to start with the fun! I had to wait nearly a month, since they couldn't get the deck at first...

:) see you soon,

fairy enhanced georg


i finally have the fey!!!

...and it makes me want to burst into a poem!!!!

You ask me why I dwell in the green mountain;
I smile and make no reply for my heart is free of care.
As the peach-blossom flows down stream and is gone into the unknown,
I have a world apart that is not among men.

-Li Bai ((701-762)

...and i love what is written on the side of the box: there are more beautiful things in our life, than the stars in the infinite sky.

beautiful indeed. i am in love.

September Pixie

this deck still gives me extreamly accurate readings and 90% of the time I don't even have to really think about the meanings of the cards -- the photos alone explain the story for me.. example:

I am getting married in September.. we are hitting a wall every time we turn around.. be it injury, money, distance, etc we are finding ourselves struggling all around.. I have a 'get together' coming up tomorrow where we will discuss when, where, and how.. basically we find that what we thought our budget was -- we only have 1/10th of.. so I was so frustrated that I grabbed the nearest deck, wiped my eyes, and began to shuffle..

Card 1: Temperance
Card 2: 3 of Swords
Card 3: 10 of Pentacles
Card 4: King of Chalices

Card 1 - What kind of wedding I want
A grand affair.. something that I feel would represent myself and my fiance's tastes.. we had planned an evening, medium sized wedding.. just looking at this card you can see the crown of fish atop her head, big gold earrings, and golden pillers beside her..

Card 2 - What kind of wedding we can actually afford
This card speaks so well to me right now.. the sword burned into the flesh of the fey in the water -- physical and emotional wounds -- I have both now.. I injured my ankle pretty badly the night I was proposed too (- incert giggling here -), the person I thought I could depend on the most is no where to be seen, the money just isnt there.. times are just over all ROTTEN and the look on this feys face is exactly how I am looking 90% of the time this week... while i realize a marriage isnt about the actual wedding day itself.. it was something most girls spend their lives dreaming about and now I feel that dream has been throughly crushed..

Card 3 - How we can remedy the situation
How ironic is this? a few fey sitting at what looks like a table discussing something seemingly important but not always interesting (take a look at the top right fey.. she looks as though she'd rather be doing something else).. reminds me that while things may creep up that we are un aware of (the little critters on the floor under the table).. nothing is impossible and with cool, calm, level heads -- any situation can be made possible.

Card 4 - What our wedding will actually be like
First let me say, I am so glad THIS card was here!!! King of Cups some how always represents Sergey (the fiance), the fey in the picture is handing a golden cup to the questor filled with blue water (I assocate this with tears, emotions, and intuition.. all sometimes tied together), this is about joining our two lives, he is there with me.. when all else fails, he has always been and will now always be there WITH me... the water reminds me to keep calm and don't always let my emotions get the best of me..

Over all
This not only told me what I needed to hear, it gave me valid advice, and even in my emotional weepy-ness it didn't give me an icky reading -- as some decks do when I am emotional.. I am guilty of not always taking this deck seriously.. I love this deck in all its quirky-ness .. and its refreshing to know I can count on this deck... even when others will fail me.



I have waited a long time to finally get the Fey tarot and now I finally was able to get it. After searching 5 different places on my visit to Salem, the most unlikely of places had two boxes sitting in the backroom. I was shocked that some of the largest tarot places never even heard of this incredible deck. Sometimes I have to wonder! I know that there are a lot of decks out there, but this deck has received quite a bit of press. Well anyway, I hope to be able to add my voice to this group in the next few days and weeks.

Bye for now.



I took this deck out again yesterday, and realized it was time I joined in the discussions about it. :)