I'm back finally!!! LOL


I finally have gotten all moved and settled. And wanted to let you all know that my faeries HAD to travel with me in my car!! Of course they could NOT be packed away like all the other decks! ROFL
But that was perfectly fine with me. They helped me quite a lot during all the weirdness with this move. (couldn't get into the house when I was supposed to - then because of that didn't have any help cleaning it up, etc. :) )
Now that I've gotten settled in though they've gone on a small vacation! LOL They've told me that they need a bit of a breather and want to just sit on my bookshelf in the bedroom for awhile!! ROFL I guess I wore them out as well as myself!!!!!!!


welcome back faunabay (and fairies). ;) good to see you at aeclectic again! i guess the rascals are tired if they are the only help you had unpacking!


about time! Now lets see if your Faeries join and mine and Truthsayers and start playing with all 3 of us *LOL* ... I missed you ...