Very Excited


I am so excited. I bought the Faeries Oracle for a friend last Christmas the found myself wanting a set too. By then I didn't have anymore mula and now I am receiving it in a trade. It should be here by the end of the week... so what I'd like to know is...

is this study group still going on?

if so what should i do to join?

If not I guess I will read thru all the great info here. I have already learned a lot just looking thru here.

I have always felt kinship with Faeries so am hoping this will be "the" deck.

~Love, Light & Fey~


We're still here, still reading the new posts. Not that there are many... lol. You're perfectly welcome to join! Just do the exercises in the front of the book and please post your results under the appropriate thread. Look forward to hearing your results!

Oh, and don't read the card explanations in the back of the book first! You have to figure it out by yourself!

R :)


Welcome to the group SkyDancer ... I hope your adventures with the faeries are as wonderful as ours have been :)

Little Baron

Welcome SkyDancer

I am one of the new names here. I only bought my deck yesterday and you are right, it is so exciting. I don't want to leave it alone for a minute. I want to get inside it and talk with all of the new characters of the 'otherworld'.

Reading through everybodys threads here has been useful for me and really interesting. I posted my first exercises just today and had a really nice response to my favourite card interpretation. I am not used to oracles and have been using standard tarot decks before (never wanting to deviate). However, now that I have consulted the faeries, I can see this being a deck that has so much in it that I cannot see the messages dying out or there ever being a time when I have read all symbolism in the images. I am starting to feel guilty about my other decks that are rattling around in their boxes and wanting to come out. They are just going to have to wait their turn for now.

Like you do, I hope that the forum continues here and that us beginners can work with the more experienced oracle readers.

What i did yesterday is read the start of the book, do the exercises ... but not read any of the book definitions of the cards. This is what the author of the book has advised and what everybody on here has been doing. It is a really exciting way to work and it is crazy how quick your mind starts flowing and interpreting when you don't have any rules or meanings set in stone. My knowledge of the cards so far are what they have told me. At this stage, I kind of don't even want to know the meanings from the book.

Look forward to hearing your fave, least fave and universe card.

Best wishes



Thanks everyone :)

Thanks for the news & updates everyone. As soon as my faeiries get here I'll do the exercises. Another of the reasons I thought I would like this deck is that I've been reading it's intuitive and I work best that way anyhow. :)

Now to find them a suitable pouch!

~*~ LL&Fey Dust ~*~


Re: Thanks everyone :)

SkyDancer1111 said:
Now to find them a suitable pouch!

~Chuckles~ a bit of advice from experience ... wait till the Faeries arrive and let them choose their suitable home. They have a mind of their own and may not agree with your choice. That happened to several of us.

Yaboot this is also the first oracle I have worked with. I continue my tarot work, but the faeries are ALWAYS with me. I even sleep with them under my pillow on occassion (when they want to *LOL*). When you get around to reading the rest of the book I think what you will find is that what you are reading is not new news to you.

Like Faunabay mentioned in a thread in the divination forum, I no longer see the faeries oracle as cards. The faeries are very real to me now.


They're here! :)

Well, they are here and don't like anything I have. lol. They have agreed my translucent white scarf will do as long as I tie a fancy bow on top of it when I put them away. And this will due only until I find something more suitable. When I asked for a hint I got 39-Losgunna! Guess I will be looking at thrift stores this weekend. They are the only places around here I can think of that are different or murky. So far I've been having a great time even though no one has responded to my power cards postings. The book helps so much. Thanks again to those who replied here.

Well... back to my more mundane life for now.



*LOL* well glad I spoke up about the faeries choosing their own "home" as they did to you what they did to most of us! Any luck finding something they agree with? remember, even if you do not like it but they do they will pester you until you get them exactly what THEY want! ;)


frog queen bag.... lol.


I did find them something at a thrift store.... it is a greenish bag... ugly kind of green I think - kind of looks like a frog mire green - it does have pretty flowers on it... a bit psychedelic looking kind of flowers. THEY like it. I think it's "ok." Not really my usual style but hey it works for all of us so... lol.

It is growing on me some especially if I think of it as the frog queen bag. hehe



*ROFLMAO* that is wonderful Sky! I love that ... the frog queen bag ~giggles~ ... that so sounds like the faeries *LOL*