Initials 'IM' on 1jj Four Coins

Lisa Tenzin

Shield in Four Of Pentacles

Hello! Does anyone know what the letters IM stand for in the shield in the centre of the Four of Pentacles in the IJJ Swiss deck? I haven't been able to find any information about it!



Updating a little the Table of Contents, I came to realise that this thread had as yet no reply... I really thought I had posted some comment earlier - but am obviously mistaken.

In the thread in Using Tarot titled Four of Discs, mention was made of the shield - but no discussion, to my recollection, was made regarding the initials upon it in some decks.

I had earlier had a look to see if I could locate the name of the artist of the 1jj, for often letters (thought usually on the 'shield' upon the Chariot) indicate the initials of the artist or executor of the deck.

If any have reasonably easily accessible information on either name or executor of the 1jj, it may shed light on this I.M.. :)

(Interestingly, by the way, another Swiss deck, the Schaffhouse/Classic also bears an 'M' upon the equivalent shield.)

Lisa Tenzin

Thanks very much, JMD!


jmd said:
<<Updating a little the Table of Contents, .....>>

:eek: Yes! I see that. To think I actually thought I would get to read through them all!

Thanks again, I really do appreciate it.

Major Tom

I'm moved to bump this thread up by Rusty Neon's curently active thread on a mystery. :)

Now I have a deck printed by US Games but the 2 of Coins says Carta Mundi Turnhout. The 2 of Cups says Made in Belgium by Carta Mundi.

The 4 of Coins has a shield but unlike any I've seen described elsewhere in that it combines a central blue iris with 3 shamrocks in green and 2 leaves shaped like duck feet also in green on a yellow background and red border.

Is it possible that we see alternatively the family crest of the maker or failing that the maker's initials?

Oddly enough, I have a family crest.... :laugh:

Lisa Tenzin

Thanks, Major Tom - much appreciated. I came to the conclusion that it was probably something along those lines, as no amount of research was coming up with anything!