is time speeding up? (


hi everybody.

I just read an article that proposes that time is in fact speeding up... and that this is due to the integration of the physical realm with higher realms.... and also the earth's ascension. (though I'm not sure what the "earth's ascension" means....)

this is the link

interesting, though not based in "fact", so pretty hard to swallow.... (thought the date 2012 in the article struck me as interesting, since this is the same year that Terrence McKenna has formulated to be the "end of the world -- as we know it"...)

on a related note, has anyone ever read anything from that site? ( I've gone there a few times -- and although some stuff seems dead on, other articles seem outlandish...

not saying I believe it or I don''t.... I have an extremely open mind...

so... what do you guys think?

(did this post make sense? haha. I hope so.)

- joy


Hmmm.. I don't place much trust on human's definition of time, so I think the article is lacking in philosophical structure. And it would be nice if we had a few facts to back it up! Sounds a bit like all that stuff we get through our letter boxes from Christian extremists who maintain that 'The End Is Nigh...' only in a more spiritual way...!