It's a 'FEYble' contest!


>In the tradition of Fairytales....
A creative, delightful contest with a handmade fey prize as the reward.

> >Here's the scoop~
*You write a story about the fey, with the fey.
**Your story gets presented to the forum.
***Forum members vote for thier favorite 'feyble'.
****Winner gets a lovely prize donated by dadsnook.

Ace of Pentacles Book Box

Anyone can enter, even if you don't have this deck.
Enter by using the Fey images found on the web.

>>>This is how it will go-
Starting Now :D
Anyone who wants to write a story with the Fey follow the rules listed below.

Feybles deadline is April 28 2004.
The tales will ll be posted in this thread by April 30 2004.
Voters will have a week to submit thier vote by email.
'Polls' close on May 9 2004.
Winner announced on May 11 2004.

Here are the eligibility rules to the competition.


  • 1) Write a story with the main character being the Fey in the Ace of Pentacles, same Fey on dadnook's box.
    2) Using the Fey deck, draw or choose three cards. Use the cards and all the characters within the card to create a Feyble~ not a reading.
    3) Your story should not exceed 6000 characters.
    4) Give your story a Title.
    5) Email your story to ; with "feyble" in
    subject line.
    6) Keep your identity unknown until after the polls close plese.
    * be sure to use all the characters from the cards

Once all the stories have been posted, the polls will be open for a week.
To cast a vote, just send the title of your favorite story written in the subject line to:
***Story writers are allowed to vote***

off to play with the fey-
happy feyble telling!!!



I am attaching a small photo of the book-box with Fey Ace of Pentacles figure mounted on it. I have recarved this piece so that it better fits the box. The box itself is finished in a medium mahogany with a reddish tint. It has a soft light varnish spray over it for protection. The recipient may choose to also apply a paste wax or other finish depending upon its intended use.

The figure is a replication of the original deep-relief wood carving. It differs in small ways from the two-dimensional painting of the card itself as a consequence of making it into a three dimesnional piece.

I want to thank Lunalafey and Solandia for creating this contest and permitting me to share my hobby with the thread members. Dave.



deadline is a week away-


Ah, thanks for the reminder lunalafey. This was on my "to do" list but procrastination reared its ugly head, lol.

I decided to let fate decide my story and I pulled the three cards ..... well fate was smiling down on me because the three cards immediately sparked a story (maybe not a good one, but a story nonetheless) immediately.

Maybe I should start pulling cards more often when I want to write - it may be the cure for my writer's block!






Now- here is a wonderful sample story created by the creator of the box that the winner will recieve.

Miracles Happen

Wisest was talking to his ace student, “Our Fey-folk are getting lazy. They are being influenced by those human’s doubt, demanding nature and incessant talking. I passed a Fey today sitting in a broken cup. She had started to visualize a small castle to live in – she asked me to complete her vision for her. The Fey’s need to reawaken to their special blessed place in the universe. We need to have an example for them to see.”

“So, we’ll gather the Fey together?” said the student. “No, we’ll teach the humans,” said Wisest. “If our Fey see those poor creatures living better, then they will change. And, you will teach them.” Wisest handed his student a Pentacle on a chain. “Take this as a symbol of my charge to you and go forth, change the humans.”

The ace student stood before a despondent human. “You have to understand, Sir, that it’s all in your mind. Your garden can grow, it will grow and it will be beautiful.” “But it’s just not happening,” wailed the human. The Fey explained, “The miracle of growth, like any miracle, is just part of nature. Miracles don’t happen when you get in the way, when you cover them with doubt. Look into this medallion” the Fey instructed. The Pentacle glowed, its colors shifting, expanding to surround the Fey and Human and then spreading out over the garden. The glow of the young plants caught up and reflected the radiance of the Pentacle. “See,” said the student, “It is faith, trust and oneness. I’ll return later to see how well you’ve learnt this lesson.”

The Fey had planned to help one Human as a test to see if a simple demonstration would be of help. If successful as a teacher, he would then go on and help others. Two days later he returned to the garden and the Human. The plants, although bigger now, had lost their glow and were taking on a darker hue. “Oh,” said the Human, “I’m glad your back. I know what you said, I know that belief worked, but something is still wrong. Look.” “No,” said the Fey, “Look into yourself, not at the garden. You still doubt.” The Fey pressed the Pentacle onto the Human’s palm. The imprint glowed. The garden glowed.

“Will this wondrous thing stay in my hand?” asked the Human. “Will I be able to see it and use it always?” “No,” said the Fey, “It merely symbolizes that I have placed faith in your hand. You can always have it and share it. But, you can only see it when you reach out and give a helping hand to others – you’ll see it in the faces of others, they’ll see it in your own heart. No, go and share.”

Wisest was very pleased with his student. “You have proved yourself as an Ace-level student and you have done a great service to both Humans and to our Fey-folk. As an example of your deeds and completion of my charge to you, you will paint a Pentacle on your palm and be known from this day as Ace of Pentacles.”

*note- the length of this story is about half of the limit


lunalafey said:



well, that's what I get for taking care of business after along day.

the REAL extended deadline is May {extra week for my mistake} MAY 14th


Thanks for the extension!!!!


Happy Cinco De Mayo!

and it's count down time-
9 days left-

remember- NEW DEADLINE MAY 14


Jewel has a WONDEFUL story already written based on the Ace of Swords faery!!! :* So I'd be VERY excited to read this one by her as well. :)


the story needs to be based on the Ace of Pentacles fey- and we are not releasing the author of the story until after the competition is over....