Le Tarot Tournant (Bill's Tarot) completed!!


Thank you to everyone who has posted comments and feedback here.
It has been very enlightening, and I appreciate everything that's been written, very much.

Thank you particularly to Prudence, for starting the thread and leading the conversation. I had hoped to continue here, as I expect there's more to discuss, but it seems the days are growing short.

As I said earlier, and on my Deck Creation thread, I'm sorry I haven't launched a finished deck yet, and I thank those who have stuck with me for their patience. I had hoped to make my public launch from here, but it seems that is not to be so. If the day ever comes, I suppose I'll rent a hall in some other place, and I'm sure some of you will be there.

I hope everyone has found this as interesting as I have.

In any case, going forward, you can see updates and info on my website:

Best wishes to everyone,


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Bill, how lovely to see you here again one more time :).

Cheers to you! :thumbsup:

And may our paths cross online again someday....