Le Tarot Tournant (Bill's Tarot)


Hello kilts_knave and magpie. I'm glad to hear you like it. Thanks for the enthusiastic response!

As I said earlier, I think it's waaaayyy too early to start a list, but let's put people on standby for now, so if there ever actually IS one, you'll have spots. Right now, the end of this project is so far off that I can't even see it....

Hi Prudence. Thank you for visiting. (Or rather, attempting to visit! :))

The links work, but unfortunately the "service" from AOL seems to be unreliable, and fails about half the time, lately. Just hit refresh a few times, and it should work. (Sorry about that!!! I really should get some more reliable space somewhere else.)

Anyway, I have been grinding away on Ace through 10 deniers. Maybe another week or so, and I should have something NEW to look at, instead of the same old tired photo of the trumps.... :D


Thank you for officially putting me on standby! Whoo-hoo!


Thanks Debra and OP, it is working now. Beautiful, I cannot wait to see the rest of them as they are created. I just love those majors as well. :heart:


Great news about a great deck congrats - the reactions of the fellow aeclectians are best proof of that !
I will be following the evolutions here with much interest and anticipation.


WOW. Incredable.


Hullo la-luna and nicky.

Thanks for the comments, and I appreciate your interest. :D


Maybe you'd like to see some more then . . . . . .



Ummmm . . . YES.

ASAP. :)

\m/ Kat


Ok then.

Here I am, almost 25 years since I began this project, back at work.

I'm still using the same mechanical pencil.
I'm using the same colors in my palette, though with the minor addition of another green.
I'm using the original four sheets of Arches paper that I've saved all this time.
My eyes are not as good as they were, but still good enough.
And I've learned a few new things about paint, but nothing terribly significant.

Though some might see it as a lack of progress, I find it's kind of nice to be back.
But sometimes I wonder what I'm doing.

Anyway, fiiiiiinally, I have something new to show you.....

Except for some tweaking to the contrast, to be done once all the pips can sit side-by side....

I have finished Ace through Ten Deniers.

So, have a little peek at some of them....

(The links work, but unfortunately the "service" seems to fail about half the time, lately. If you don't see anything, just hit refresh a few times, and it should work. Sorry about that.)


The most beautiful pip cards I've ever seen. Wonderful work, I look forward to seeing more - and publication.


What philebus said.

Those greens are just extraordinary, Bill. I love those pips so much - I don't know how I'd go reading with unillustrated pips, but I must have a copy of this deck anyway. The sheer beauty will have me reading with it:) You're an incredible talent. Thankyou for sharing it with us mortals :)

\m/ Kat