Looking for a new Tarot deck...


I am looking for a Tarot deck that is simply breathtaking with vibrant colors and an interesting theme. Thank you!

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Have you checked out the Robin Wood Deck? It has great colors and art.

I also like the Buckland Romani Tarot deck.

Check these out!

Good luck.

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By the way, on another posting people have been raving about the Dragon Tarot. I have not seen it but you might want to check it out.


when i think about vibrant colors and interesting themes, these are the ones i think about: the celtic wisdom deck, the rohrig, voyager, gendron, witches tarot, the shining tribe, the merryday, osho zen, ancestral path, sacred circle, robin wood, and legend arthurian.

happy hunting!! :D


I'm not sure if this would be considered interesting but I can definitely say it's vibrant and I think breathtaking.

I would suggest the Illuminated Tarot. It's the same images of the Rider Waite deck but the coloring is very vibrant and alive. I look at some of the images and it kind of reminds me of Van Gogh's Starry Night painting.

You can view some images from this site here. I would call it interesting in that the coloring gives a different take to the Rider Waite deck.

Just my opinion/suggestion. Check it out. You might like it or might not.


I've never looked at that one Silverstar but I might check it out, i love my Rider Waite, and have been trying to get the Diamond tarot, a Rider Waite clone that is also very vibrant but I think I'll check the Illuminated tarot too :)


based on what you say you are seeking, these are the decks that come to my mind:
legend (arthurian)
sacred circle
celtic wisdom
renaissance (brian williams)
daughters of the moon
nigel jackson
art nouveau (matt myers)
feng shui
osho zen
songs for the journey home
spirit (joyce eakins)
and the "diamond tarot" is a particularly vibrant version of the RWS.
each of these are quite different in theme and style, yet all rank in the "ooh and aah" category for artistry, IMHO.
good luck in your search!


Might I also suggest looking on some of the sites that have pictures of decks, go through the names then click on the pictures some sites I can think of Aeclectic for one! LOL
ALSO www.wicce.com and www.artoftarot.com and www.tarocci.com usually under reviews (which reading some of the reviews is great too because it gives you an idea of what some of the reviewers think of the deck)
Good luck and I hope you find what your looking for :)


First let me thank Dee, truthsayer, metaz, Silverstar, Eveanna, and Moonsage for your suggestions and insights! You were all very helpful and your suggestions helped me find two new sets that I intend to adore as soon as they make their way to my door :)
Dee, you and I must be on similar wavelengths because I had only seen the Romani deck two days prior (those were the images I was seeing in my head when I wrote my original message), and had not known which deck they were. Also, I have decided to go with the Celtic Dragon deck. Thanks so much everyone!
(I really like this place :) )

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Good. We are glad to be of help. Yes, this is a fabulous place.