Looking Forward Spread (A New Year)


Hey all!

I've been using the following spread for my self the last three years to great effect. I find it very insightful! It works well with both tarot and oracle cards. So, I thought I'd share in case someone might be interested.

It is adapted and combined from three sources: The Gaian Tarot Book by Joanna Powell Colbert; The Answer Is Simple by Sonia Choquette, and Tarot’R’Us Quick short synopsis of what to expect for your personal year.

I usually don't place them in a specific spread. I just pull them in this order.

1. Departing energies. What do I leave behind in the in the old Year?

2. Goals/Intentions. What do I bring into the New Year?

3. What do I open up to in the New Year? Overall attitude or frame of mind in which to approach situations or issues.

4. Key Opportunity of the New Year

5. Key Challenge of the New Year

6. Hidden concern / What I might overlook and need to be aware of (pull from bottom of the deck)

7. Deep Wisdom / Advice / What do I need to learn? (pull from middle of the deck).

8. Actions to take / How I can best shift the energy to a higher vibration / How to implement actions / How I can best incorporate these lessons.

9. Key Theme of the New Year / Big picture snapshot


Thanks for sharing. It seems a good spread. I will try it out for sure.