Oops!! Celtic Cross


So I accidentally oopsed today on an extremely important spread. How do I read it?? I always use the Celtic Cross but here's how I laid them out:
1. Center
2. Top of center
3. Left
4. Top
5. Right
6. Bottom
7-10. Bottom to top as normal.

I'm concerned about this. I always go clockwise as opposed to the cross method but even the clockwise method cards 3-6 are not laid correctly!! Is this a sign they should be where I accidentally placed them and if so, should I read cards 3-6 as they lie or rotate them to where they should be? I took a photo and labeled them with numbers but I can no figure out how to upload a photo to this post.


I'd say that Spirit, or your higher self, or however you name it... wanted you to read the cards this way, this time. :)

There is no "correct". I have a way that suits me, that feels right to me - just as you do. I suspect most of us do. But as we grow and learn, we're likely to alter our method little by little.

With the Celtic Cross, there are dozens if not hundreds of ways of laying the cards - one per reader, probably! :)

Listen to your worries and how you feel. It's probably your "book-learning" mind that is concerned that this happened. (Did those rules you learnt come from you, anyway, or from some book or website...?) But what part of you drew and laid the cards today? A more instinctive part. Personally I trust that part of myself more, because it's bigger than me, it is less prone to human mistakes.

If you aren't confident to decide between your thinking mind and your unthinking self, maybe draw one or two cards on the question of whether to discard this spread. If you feel the need.

Whatever you do, tarot should be fun - not something to worry about. :)


What MandMaud says!
Maybe it is indeed a sign that you should read them in that order.

There are some methods where you can select suitable cards for a spread (see Intuitive Tarot by Richard Prosapio) or change cards in a spread to other positions if they seem to suit better that way (Joan Bunning said that, I think?)
The only rule is to be honest with yourself but other than that you can place the cards whichever way you want. The message is there and you can trust your inner guide/inner teacher to send you all the help and advice you are ready to receive.

ETA: To upload a photo I think you need to be a subscriber.



Thank you so much! The cards in the spread make total sense the way I decided to read them so I think I was supposed to read them that way!! I appreciate your responses greatly!


Here's what I did now that I can upload it!


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