Ludy Lescot - Nines

Pam O

Are there 10 swords on the 9 card?

YES there sure is. Great eye! Now the question is, "Why?"
I am clueless on the reasoning, or did the artist make a mistake?

9 of Pentacles
-I don't see mention of the blood coming from the center of the black rose in her hand.
-Also, the blood red eye of the raven keeps catching my eye.
-The shoes: Anyone else notice that one shoe is gold, the other is black, and the Pentacles are the contrasting color?

9 of Cups
-The belt buckle is a triangle, a symbol of fire on a water (cups) card.
As Aerin mentioned, all the cups are emitting a bright white light. I wonder what could that symbolize here in this water card?
-Both the guy, and the body behind him, seem to be reflecting a bright, illuminating light that seems to be shining on them. Is this the light emanating from the cups, or is the bright light from a different source, maybe from the area us, the viewer?
-The end of the belt keeps reminding me of a snake's head, and a shadow on his pants almost looks like the snake's tongue. All this is right there next to the area that is "well endowed"....

Pam O

I was looking at the crucible clutched in the hand of the 9 of Swords. Isn't that the same crucible held by the lady in the SBC (the 3 of Swords)???

ETA: I added the comparison scan of the 2 cards over here in the correlation thread:
Just wanted to include this correlation from the 9 and the 3 of Swords here:

ETA: Adding scan of crucibles in the cards (without the atrocities of the 3 of Sw).