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Page of Swords: He is drawing his sword off the sheath and looks at us speculatively. There is a stone statue in the town square (or is that a castle yard?) and the statue also holds a sword. The Page is possibly hiding from something or someone or maybe he is planning an attac? He is well dressed and looks wealthy and smart.

Page of Cups: He could be the same man as the Page of Swords. He looks alike and his clothes are very similar. In fact his purple coat could be the same one as the Page of Sword´s only turned over! (His hat, shoes, and shirt are the same.)
He is performing. Is he making parlour tricks or is his magic real? The non-human hand and eye behind the beautiful turquoise-blue velvet curtain looks spooky. What is it doing there and why is it watching our Page so closely?

Page of Wands: He is entering a palace of castle. He reminds me of Jonathan Harker entering Dracula´s Castle. A female hand with a slit wrist is reaching out for him. Is he a doctor who has come to heal the lady? Or is he about to become a victim himself?

Page of Pentacles: He looks a bit like the Page of Wands with his sideburns. He is studying in his castle library and he is surrounded by masonic paraphernalia: skull, compass, coin with the eye and pyramid.. His red velver chair ha sot a wood carving of the five petaled flower that comes up in many other Pentacles as well (2,6 and 8 of Pents)


The Pages struck me as having very strong links with "traditional" meanings.

I think Wands bears a message; Cups is on the stage at the culmination of his act, maybe currying favour and love from the audience without really delivering (isn't that hand and eye behind the curtain threatening?); Pentacles is the student; and Swords is spoiling for a fight.


Picture of the Pages are here. Thanks MaineGirl117 :love:


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Page of Wands

This deck can be incredibly literal at times. I got the Page of Wands yesterday and I very soon remembered that I needed to take my red address book with me to work! I had forgotten that on several days and I really needed it. I had to laugh out loud. What a clever deck to remind me like that :)


I've noticed the same thing. I think that's why I pay so much attention to the imagery and action taking place in the card. Even when the card comes out reversed. I don't read it that way, but I look at things like the direction in which people are looking in to get a sense of what's going on!!


Page of Wands

I've seen this little guy show up here and there lately... couldn't figure out who/what he was and how I'd know...

Until... I saw/heard the woodpecker in the tree yesterday. He even had a red head just like this guys book..

How cool is that?

I sure do hope this is opportunity knocking!

More on the woodpecker here

Woodpeckers seem to have amazing similarities with the Page of Wands.. I named him APOLLO I hope he visits again!


Oh, this is a nice find. This goes straight to my notebook!


Page of Wands

Man, this guy gets a lot of action!

I would have never thought of this one, if it hadn't been for your post about the address book Hemera.

This one for me last night came out that I had to *address* an issue, call attention to it, knock on the door so someone would listen (more like ring a buzzer and flag them down but hey... same difference)

Interesting too, I was the 'younger' of the two of us.


Page of Wands

I went back to work after my vacation on Monday and I pulled the Page of Wands.
See Aug 13th here:

He is slightly hesitating, he clutches his red notebook (laptop!) and people are waiting for him in that big old house. It all fits :thumbsup:


Page of Swords

This one had dual meanings for me as the outcome card in a reading-

* The situation at hand could develop into rumor and gossip
* One should question what the role of a real friend is

Easy to follow, compared with some of the other cards in this deck!