Ludy Lescot-The Empress III


This card brings me other ideas too - it's not The Empress in such a traditional way. She looks afraid of the power which she holds. I'm not sure from where it's coming but maybe it has something to do with the place - she's in the chamber. There's not much of the nature, only stone animals and dove which came from the crack in the window. The Empress is not in her natural enviroment but anyway, she must deal with it, start to rule from the very unpleasant place. I have this feeling that it can be about being feminine no matter what and no matter when. Even if we're put in the place where we can't show our feminine side, it doesn't mean we lose it. We must be in touch, nurture this, don't let ourselfs afraid.


You have both endured solitude in your own ways. From this understanding comes your unique friendship. With both at the pinnacle of your strength, you may finally cease struggling while in one another’s company. Having both been deceived and badly let own by others, you find enduring trust in this and may safely relax your guard.[/I]

Works for me too, this quote :)

Pam O

I am intrigued by what appears to be a shattered window in the top right of the image and wonder why the Empress looks in the opposite direction.

Of course there may be some other explanation for what seem to be shards of broken glass exploding into the picture from the direction from which the dove flies. It is also possible that my eyes are seeing fanfiful things which are not really there...
All of a sudden I saw the bones of a skeleton's fore arm holding a white feather in the flash of light in the top right of the card. I can change my mind's eye back and forth from arm bones, to the dove. The bones feel like a VERY odd perspective. I don't really get it... Maybe I am losing my mind... :?:

I don't really get the 'traditional' nurturing (Earth) mother vibes from this particular version of the Empress - although the back of her chair appears to be carved with the fruits of a harvest.
She does not feel like an Empress to me either. She feels like a High Priestess holding the Ankh of the Emperor.

Is it significant, perhaps, that her throat is bound? (The throat chakra is associated with the colour blue and creativity, personal expression and self knowledge amongst other things - and I am pretty certain that the link to the yellow 'abdomen chakra' was intended in Card 1: The Magician).

Thoughts anyone?
The blue covering the throat, and signifying the throat chakra color feels very HP to me. And her matching dress is so watery, also like the HP... The dress is not typical "earthy" colors!

I am curious how this Empress card ends up reading for people?