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MAAT Tarot card of the week January 25,2007
First Quarter Moon in Taurus

6 of Wands
Planetary ruler Uranus
This snow white owl is perfectly camouflaged against the stark white winter landscape. This camouflage helps him/her to hunt nearly undetected by its prey. The owl has been a symbol of wisdom in some cultures while it has meant death in others.

In the Medicine cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson the owl's key word is deception. This is because if you have owl power you will NOT be deceived.

The owl is able to hear the nearly inaudible sounds of mice beneath the snow. The owl can see perfectly in darkness. To have the skills of an owl is to have great abilities to detect and capture that which we seek. In the MAAT Tarot this owl also represents a healthy immune system in the body it could also represent other systems that protect and detect trouble.

Traditionally this card represents victory in war. For MAAT it is a victory over dis-ease of all types. The waxing moon symbolizes the creative power of death(Taurus). When you receive this card it should let you know that due to close attention the healing of a situation is close at hand.

Taurus key phrase-
"I have"

Immortality and transformation of self is the main feature in all Taurus cards.

Other Taurus cards to think about and compare to...

-5 of Cups-
new moon in Taurus (April 20-May20)
Death in the midst of life. We will never find happiness if we focus only on the negative.

-Princess of Swords-
full moon in Taurus (Oct.23-Nov 21)
The Huntress. A young woman of grace and dexterity, with the ability to observe others undetected. She may have an unusual job or a job not usually assigned to her gender, she is diplomantic and can negotiate expertly for herself and others. She knows how to make use of her opportunities.

-5 of Coins-
last quarter moon in Taurus (July 23-Aug 22)
The suppression or waning power of death, healing from the holy springs, fresh food and warm sunshine. This card expresses the healing power of the earth itself.

Full moon cycle of Taurus(Oct.23-Nov 21)
Death and immortality the rhythm of silence and sound. The time of the year when the the veil between the worlds is thin. This card expresses the
ability of the spirit to transform, death is the ultimate do over. It is the place where all things end up and begin again.

Hopefully adding these other Taurus moon phase cards will add clarity and not muddy the waters. I am hoping to show the energie of a specific moon alters slightly with the waxing and waning energies. If this just makes my point more unclear please let me know and I will just stick to one card at a time.

We are working on one moon cycle at a time here at the study. January 19th we moved from the Full moon in Cancer cycle to the Full Moon in Leo cycle. The 6 of Wands first quarter moon in Taurus is our first moon phase,
the moon slipped into Taurus this morning making the waxing moon half full. I will submit a thread for the Moon Cycle of Leo which I hope people will add comments and interpretations to. Next week the moon will be full in Leo and we will be working with the King of Wands.

We are still missing a thread for the 8 of Wands last quarter moon in Libra which occurred within the Full Moon Cancer cycle back on January 9, 2007
I will try to catch up with that as well unless Greycats has beat me to it ;-).



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I like that card. The snow owl seems to play in the snow. From the angle we see his head, it seems to smile but it is an optic illusion.
And if I am not mistaken, the snow owl is one of the emblem of the Province of Quebec.


Maat tarot IDS

Card/Number: 6 of Wands/29

Card Image: see attached

First Impression: I LOVE the snow owl! So beautiful and majestic, a true treasure for this card.

Card Description: A snow owl sits waiting to take flight- it's keen eyes locked in it's prey. There are bare young trees, void of leaves and the ground is covered in snow.

Masculine/Feminine/Neutral: Neutral

Colors: white and brown

Senses: all is quiet, with barely a sound, just the whisper of wings shuffling softly. The air is crisp, the taste clean, the snow cold and wet against your skin.

Symbols: owl, snow

Story (Intuitive): "Victory is MINE!" cries the owl, his prey locked in his grasp. And what is victory truly? It is not in the adulation of others- the owl's fierce cry is strong without the need for an audience. No, victory is in beating the odds- winning, achieving, prospering- all this in the face of adversity. The cover of snow, the cold of winter- these do not deter the owl, but rather it pushes him further- to reach higher and attain that final win!

Astrologic: week of the first quarter moon in Taurus. Planetary ruler: Uranus

Element: Air

Keywords: victory

Meanings: success, victory- either in battle or over disease

Quote: "Victory is mine!"


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