Maat Study Group: 5 of Wands


Card/Number: 5 of Wands/31

Card Image: see attached

First Impression: Love it! The perfect idea for the 5 of wands- a chess game.

Card Description: A man sits with his son, playing a game of chess. He sits watching his son carefully, as the boy examines his next move. Outside the window, snow is falling.

Masculine/Feminine/Neutral: Masculine

Senses: The air is filled with a light tension. It is quiet, as the players concentrate. The air is cool, but comfortable on your skin.

Symbols: father and son, chess game

Story (intuitive): I smile. Oh yes, I know this game, it is one I played with both my children a long time ago. No, not chess per se, but the game of learning how to perform under the stress of true competition. The time has come for the boy, the time to learn the lesson of winning and losing, but more importantly- how to compete well and gracefully accept the outcome. So one day he will know the victory of the 6 of wands, one day he will know how to fight for what he believes, when the 7 of wands arrives. These lessons start today. The father smiles at me- and we share a bittersweet moment. The rite of passage means that they are growing up, and we work hard to give them the tools that they need. All that can be done now is to hold our breath, and watch as they take them on their way.

Astrologic: week of the last quarter moon in Scorpio, Planetary ruler: Uranus

Element: Air

Keywords: mock battle, competition

Meanings: friendly rivalry, challenging of skills

Quote: "Through challenge shines competence; through competition, the knowledge of victory."


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An initiation to chess. I remember my dad showing me checker. This kind of activity help the bond between two persons. The child try to concentrate and the older person seems to explain and is very serious looking. The older person look as if he takes chess very seriously. They seems to have a lot of time to dedicate to playing this game.