MAAT Study Group-Prince of Wands


The Prince energies in the MAAT Tarot are pure virgin male energies uninfluenced by the feminine perspective, totally consumed by their own power, needs or duties. They mark the cardinal points of the MAAT calendar wheel. The Prince of Wands, The Devil and the Magician form a trilogy of cards, they tell a story. The Devil represents the dark or secret side of the great feminine mysteries of rebirth, The Magician represents the Great mother and her child the feminine mysteries fulfilled, The prince of Wands is the sun child of the great Mother the newborn or reborn sun at Winter Solstice. The world stands still to watch his rebirth to try to recognize him. He represents all bright new beginnings.

Week of the Winter Solstice

Prince of Wands

The image of the Prince of Wands is infant 'sun' reaching into the morning sky. The sunlight begins to return and the days begin to grow longer at Winter Solstice.

The prince represents the newborn sun that grows stronger with each passing day. His world is the world of thoughts and his knowledge base grows daily. He stays connected to his Queen/mother and her responsibility grows more complicated with each passing day. Her ability to respond to his needs are like magic, he communicates his needs to her and she responds. Daily he learns more magic words and other nonverbal ways to communicate with her and get his needs met. His power to influence the world grows with each passing day.

This card is symbolic of your big chance to learn something new. What big opportunity has just arrived at your door that will need your full attention? You may not have all the skills to deal with this new opportunity but you are willing and able to learn. What steps can you take to get the information necessary to move forward? Roll up your sleeves and get ready for the ride of your life. With this card there is also a sense of immortality and eternity because there is no real knowledge of time. Remember when you were a child and eternity stretched out before you. The past was before you were born and the future seemed unreachable, unfathomable. People born during this time of the year seldom have a good sense of timing. When you are at the beginning of something it is hard to gage the scope of time.

Traditional tarot meaning: a blond man from out of town, and the zodiac sign Sagittarius.

In a Reading: This card represents the new day dawning on some new endeavor. There is much work that has been done already but now you have come to a new level and there is more work and rapid growth to be done before results can be seen. This card can suggest learning new forms of communication learning new technologies, going back to school, learning a foreign language, and the beginning of a meaningful relationship. All of this is done with joy and willingness to go forward.

Future Prince postings will include the other three card connections.

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I can see the link between the Devil, the Magician and the Prince of Wands. It's logical: birth, care and now in the crib. Only the hand is visible but the urge to go see the baby in the crib and talk to him (or do funny faces) is there. It's energy and discovery of a new world, from the baby perspective. Everything is potential and every avenue is open to him right now.