Magical Forest - 7 of Cups


from lwb: the joy of life lies in serenity.

This card doesn't show serenity, it shows the opposite, too many
I love the collar on the rabbit, it has a clown or circus feel. This card
normally has to do with imagination, creativity, illusions. Clowns certainly
reflect those. There are too many choices here for the bun.
He needs to focus on one thing in order to succeed. He looks sort of
overwhelmed by the cups in the sky. Maybe this card also means someone
who is immature, clowns around too much, not serious or committed?


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Magical Forest- Seven of Cups

The bunny on this card seems quite distracted by all the cups and their contents floating upon the clouds. I see this as telling me I need to focus and not to become too distracted by all the possibilities within the cups. I tend to be a daydreamer of sorts and this reminds me to focus more on things that are practical and not so fanciful (what my grandmother used to call "wool gathering") when dealing with emotional matters with loved ones; friends or any kind of relationship.